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    Beastmode is back!!

    Hey guys. Been away from the forum for a while. Work got into the way with a new job that started in August 2017. Been staying in shape, but not as focused as I was. Ready to restart things and make some gains over the next 6-12 months. Hoping to stay focused. I’m cleaning up my diet starting...
  2. B is down...

    Does anyone know what is up with the site? Looking to order but no luck.
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    Starting my SARMS cycle again...

    All, As some of you OG's know, I was doing a 12-week utlimtate recomp STACK that was suggested by Dylan - LGD, S3, RAD140, GW, and MK2866. I had some Testosterone issues due to a doctor fuck up and had to pause my cycle after 4-weeks and do a PCT. I completed my 4-week PCT, and then waiting 4...
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    SHBG High and Estradiol Elevated

    Hi - I just had my blood tests ran, and things are looking much better. Testosterone is finally back to normal (almost done with my 4-week mini-PCT). Going to wait 4 weeks then start my SARMS stack again (LGD, RAD, S4, GW, MK2866). Can't wait!! My questions are: 1) Is SHBG at 77.6 bad...
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    Best fat cutting Stack for a female

    Hi. My buddy's wife is 46 and wants to shed body fat. She works out but not making the fat loss gains she wants. She's 157lbs and wants to get in the 130's. What is the best fat cutting SARMS Stack for her?
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    Nolva and Clomid in SARMS PCT

    Since both Nolva and Clomid are SERMS are you able to just run one or the other in SARMS PCT? Also should an AI be run even without any sides indicated? Are there benefits in terms of getting test levels back to normal? Lastly when should Tongkat be run? Thanks.
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    3 weeks on SARMS - Testosterone from 555 to 44!

    Hey guys. Been running SARMS for 3 weeks today (LGD, RAD, S4, GW, and MK2866). Received my testosterone level test on 5/1 and it's at 55 (extremely low). 3/31 - Test @ 555.8 4/6 - Doctor gave me testosterone shot of 200mg (like a dumbass) because I told him I felt sluggish and such so we...
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    Air travel with SARMS

    Hey guys. I'm going to be doing quite a bit of travel in the coming 2 months (San Francisco, St. Louis, Chicago, Maui, and Austria). Any issues carrying my bottles of SARMS in my carry on? Any tips?
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    SARMS Stack Mods to Increase Fat Metabolism

    So I'm on a pretty extensive SARMS Ultra Recomp Stack (see below). My question is: could anything be modified that would increase fat metabolism or is it just a matter of sticking the program out as planned, eating right and working out hard? Definitely feeling strength gains - which is the...
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    SARMS and "Thick" feeling in my head

    So I'm running a cycle currently with LGD 10mg, RAD 20mg, S4 50mg split dose and GW 20mg. Adding Osta 25mg on Saturday to the 12 week cycle. All per Dylan's reco. Anyway, noticed the last couple of days that my head feels "thick" almost like I'm hanging upside down - could it be increased...
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    Too much too soon!

    I think I went overboard with my cycle. I knew this would get your attention. Need your advice though. I started my Ultra Recomp Stack last Thursday. I'm up 3lbs in BW but I'm also up 1.5% in BF! Fuck. I think I increased my calories by too much too soon. I went from avg of 1700-2000/day...
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    Nutrition help!

    Been really trying to dial in my nutrition and hit a 40/40/20 C/P/F macro goal - but fuck - it's hard. I feel like I've been spending all day everyday thinking about my macros and the food I eat and still can't get it perfectly dialed in. The biggest issue so far is my Fats. They tend to be...
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    Strength & Size Programming Group Share

    Would love to hear everyone's strength and size programming models out there. I hear alot of people talking about the different gear they are on, and about nutrition, but I would love people to share their typical programming regimens. Thoughts? I could see this become a sticky thread for all...
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    Beastmode First Ultra Recomp Cycle Log

    Alright guys, I'm starting this thread as my log for my first Ultra Recomp Cycle. I received my SARMS Ultra Comp (LGD, S4, RAD, and GW) yesterday and started today (4/13/2017). I will be making all of my updates here for now. Cycle is as follows (per Dylan): * 4/13-7/6: 1-12 RAD140...
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    MK-2866 and Plantar Fasciitis

    Hey guys. Started my Ultra Recomp Stack today. Will be starting my Cycle Log under anothe thread. I'm taking LGD, RAD, S4 and GW. I have some plantar fasciitis issues bugging me when running and sometimes when squatting. Should I add MK-2866 to my Stack - given it's extensive healing...
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    Bulletproof thread - Lots of BS

    Someone with super knowledge of SARMS (aka Dylan maybe) needs to jump on the thread on the popular Bulletproof forum. Dave wrote a great article https://blog.****************/sarms-increase-muscle-growth-200/ on SARMS and even link to the SARMSX site but a lot of people saying a lot of...
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    44 Year Old - First Cycle Looking for Advice

    Hi Everyone. This site has been super helpful in learning about SARMS. I'm so glad I found this forum before making any purchases. I was about to pull the trigger on some things from EA...and I would have regretted it based upon the experts I'm reading here at iSARMS. Thanks again for saving...