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    New Cycle Question

    Good afternoon, currently I?m almost done with a 4 week cycle of Cardarine and Cardazol. I was told that cycles usually last 12 weeks but I?m happy with my progress and don?t want/need to cut anymore. Instead i?d like to bulk up a little bit, would it be safe to go into a bulking cycle like...
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    Question about mood swings after taking Cardarine/Cardazol.

    Hey guys so about 3 weeks ago I started a 1ml/day Cardarine and 6 Cardazol 2 per meal for every day and just recently switched due to reading Dylan?s guide on taking Cardazol so I?ve been using 1 cap 1 hour prior to a workout and one right before. I noticed the first week something felt...
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    New sarms user, nutrition question.

    Howdy so I just got a 4 week cutting sarm off of esarms and I was curious as to whether I have to change my macros while i’m taking it or if I can eat like normal. Thanks for your time