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    HMG source domestic.

    Any domestic HMG sources? Thanks in advanced.
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    This may be an odd question, but I?m wanting to know if I can run LGD while on HCG and clomid? I?ve come off of TRT for the time being, and I didn?t know if adding in LGD while on HCG/clomid would do anything negative. Been on TRT for 4 years 35 years old.
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    Cycle/cruise help

    Current Trt 200mg/week Hgh 4iu/day Aromasin 12.5 3x/week In the mail S4, ostarine, Var I've been cutting for about 7 weeks and plan on adding in the 2 sarms and var as soon as they get here (hopefully Friday). I'm hopping to speed up the process while maintaining/adding muscle 30 years old...
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    Injection options

    I've been on trt for a year now and was wandering if anyone uses insulin syringes for thigh injections? I tried it the other day and it seemed to go into the muscle. I just wasn't sure if injections deeper in the muscle are an advantage?
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    TRT options

    Hello I've been on trt for about a year now Started at 200mg test/week Arimidex and Hcg as well I'm 30 years old and had low test, so the doctor put me on it. Was way too expensive after a couple months so I ordered from a source on here :-) I was wandering what everyone's thoughts were on...
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    TRT options

    31 years old Been on trt for a year 200mg test/week recently upped it to 250/week 1mg arimidex 3x a week Hcg every other day What are your opinions on lowering my test to say 150mg a week and adding in a low dose of masteron year round? I hear it helps with libido, water retention, muscle...
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    Pharma Lady

    Can someone shoot me over pharma ladies email address and price list please. Thanks!
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    Gyno symptoms on tren help

    Hello, I've been on trt for a year with no gyno issues (200mg cyp/week no AI needed). I added 250mg tren about 6 weeks ago and have slowly been seeing an I release in gyno in both nipples. I have been taking 50mg proviron daily and .5mg caber every other day. Should I just continue as is for...
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    B12 injections

    Anyone know how much b12 to use and how often. (Just for well being). You inject it into Belfast correct?
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    Does anyone on here have a hookup on caber that's not crazy expensive? Everything I'm finding is outrageous.
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    NPP instead of tren

    So I've decided to not use this tren I've ordered and go ahead and run a NPP cycle first to test out. Been lifting for years 6'1" 205 11%bf (still cutting, but want to get NPP on its way) I've been on trt 200mg/week cyp for about 4 months now. Previous cycle experience 500mg test for 12...
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    Sarms info

    Looking to purchase a couple sarms. Should I use sarms1?
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    Caloric change while on cycle

    So I'm on trt from the doctor and have been for about 5 months. I'm about to add tren to the mix in a low dose for 12 weeks. I currently consume 200g protein 250g carb 75g fat Roughly daily. Once per week I bump my carbs up to 380 for the day. Once starting tren should I alter these numbers...
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    Low dose protocal help

    I'm on 200mg test for trt through my doctor. I'm wanting to try out tren at a low dose. What protocols have you guys done and got good results with minimal sides? 30 6'1" 210lbs 12%BF Not trying to get massive or anything. I just want the 3D delts and bigger legs while maintaining leanness...
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    TRT protocal advice

    I wanted to see what your thoughts are on trt protocol since you seem extremely knowledgable. I'm wanting to know how much you this is optimum per week and what type of test you prefer for trt. Also what are your thoughts on hcg while on trt, and if you do think hcg is good then what type of...