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    Help with Bloodwork results

    Stats: Age: 24 (turn 25 in a couple months) Height: 5ft 9in Weight: 170lbs BF %: 14% Cycle history: Zero steroid cycles (planned on waiting till I was 25), but I have ran 1 light sarm cycle a few years ago (mk2866 and GW) bought through this forum. All in all Im a pretty healthy guy. Ive...
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    SarmsX S23

    Hey Dylan, I noticed SarmsX is selling S23 now. I saw your video of you expressing your concern with how suppressive it is and with people selling bunk S23. Now that SarmsX is selling it do you plan to ever give it a run? If so I assume you plan to run it with test because of how suppressive it...
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    Test Prop + Tbol/Sarms

    Stats: Age:22 Height: 5'8 Weight: 180 BF%: 14% Years of experience: 10 years (have been into power lifting/training since a young age) Bench: 345lbs Squat: 410lbs Clean: 305lbs Hey guys, I would like to start this thread out by saying I don't plan on cycling for a few more years, just have...
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    Question on LGD/S4/GW stack

    Stats: Age: 22 Height: 5'8 Weight: 175lbs BF: 14-15% (estimated, but will get dexascan before cycle along with bloods) Goals: Cut to about 8-10% BF while maintaining/gaining as much Muscle as possible. So I guess I'm shooting for a recomp. I've been doing research for the last couple years on...
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    My First Sarm Run

    Hey guys I plan to run a sarm triple stack. My goals are to drop 3-4% bf and hopefully gaining 3-5lbs of LBM, I hope to at least maintain. Do these goals seem realistic with this cycle? I know this is only possible through my diet, which brings me to my question. What should my diet look like...