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    Next cycle

    What’s up fellas, I got some product coming in and just want to get an idea on what dosages/cycle layout would you run and what would y’all keep in or take out for my next cycle. Products coming in: Test prop Tren ace Anadrol Tbol ostarine cardarine I got hcg and Aromasin and caber as well...
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    MENT Cycle

    What’s going on fellas, I’m currently now on my PCT stage following a test prop/npp/tbol cycle it was my first experience with a 19 nor and the results were honestly pretty damn sweet, towards the end the effects were kicking in. More or so just issues with ED but everything has been full sail...
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    Run And Gun Method

    Hey y’all, little info about me 25 yrs old M Bw: 224 Bf: 14% Have about 3 cycles under my belt Big fan of low-moderate dosages etc. Each one of my cycles has always consisted of PCT followed by time off and blood work etc. I’ve done 8-12 weeks cycles but recently favored 8 week with short...