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    Buddha in the mix - 1-Stop Domestic Shop

    Trying to get price list.
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    Can I get a price list: [email protected]

    Can I get a price list: [email protected]
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    Can I get a price list: [email protected]

    Can I get a price list: [email protected]
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    Price list please: [email protected]

    Price list please: [email protected]
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    Peak performance and Axio

    Hey man. Tks for your insight. I’ve followed your post. Very impressive !
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    Peak performance and Axio

    Just curious on their products offered? I know this a very blanket/vague question. I just legitimately want to hear what you guys like about their products. I’ve ordered from numerous sponsors on here, and other non supported labs along the way. Always like to hear the good and bad concerning...
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    Pharma Lady Goodies!

    I’m on the road a lot for work. Have excellent grab and go chicken. I grew up on it!
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    Pharma Lady Goodies!

    They always say “my pleasure “ after you order something
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    Pharma Lady Goodies!

    Do you work at Chick Fila?
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    Survey for test users

    Test only cycles are really my favorite. I’ve never gone over 600 mg a week. I put on massive mostly substanable gains. I like a 12 week run. While on aromasian eod through pct with Nova and Clomid.
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    Axio gear porn

    I’m interested as well. Sent you guys a PM. Thanks!
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    Robolics; Yet Another Superb Experience!

    If you can get domestic why even buy overseas?.?
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    Dbol only cycle

    Gotta have some test in there. Along with armidex or Aromasin to control all that estrogen conversion. Proper pct too
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    Second cycle advice.

    Well thanks again for the input. I will be following this to the tee.
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    Second cycle advice.

    Thanks for the clarification! You don’t miss anything. I will be running N 2 guard as well. Failed to mention that. All and all, do you feel this is a strong cycle for my second one? With consideration of my goals and stats.
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    Second cycle advice.

    Cool. I’ve got test E in hand. What I used last time as well. With excellent results.
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    Second cycle advice.

    Wow! Thanks for the detailed response Dylan. Interested on why you recommend Test cyp vs test E? Maybe because eq and test e are really long esters? Just curious. The GW is four weeks as well on pct? I like the idea of a longer pct this time. Thank you for your time.
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    Local sources

    Thanks for the response cbbram. I’m in no rush. Still have a decent stash.
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    Second cycle advice.

    Solid cycle? I’m curious on what you guys feel about dosages. Also I’m interested in adding some sarms in PCT.? All advice is much appreciated.