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    Blood Work

    I got my Blood work back today. It's been 9 months since my last pin of a seriously fucked up cycle I ran of Test, Deca, & Anavar. I should have run test only, but I was going entirely off of a friend's advice. I know now this was a huge mistake. I'm looking to run the cycle listed below of Test...
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    Test Only Cycle Questions

    So in my last thread, I was planning out a Test, Primo, & Anadrol cycle, & Though I'm super stoked to run it, I've decided that since my first cycle was a mess (to put it lightly), I'm going to run a Test only cycle & treat it as if it were my first cycle. My last pin was in mid July, & I'm...
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    Test Primo Anadrol Cycle

    I'm planning out my next cycle, Would like to know what people think. I'm a 38 year old male, 5' 11", 207 lbs., 14% BF. this will be my second cycle. my first was nowhere near ideal, especially as a first. It was a pretty heavy stack, when it should have been test only. I was dumb enough to run...
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    Help with my next cycle

    I’m planning out my next cycle, & wanted to get some opinions on what I have figured. I’m a 38 year old male, 5’10, 205 lbs., 14% BF. My last cycle was Test E, Deca, & Anavar, which finished in July. I’m looking to put on as much lean muscle as possible, (maybe 10-15lbs.), with minimal water and...
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    Test Levels

    I'm a 38 year old male, 5'11", 210 lbs., 15% body fat. I did my last pin on my first cycle on 7/13. This was a pretty hefty & long cycle, consisting of Test., Deca, & Anavar for 17 weeks. I know, not a good idea for my first cycle, but that's already happened. I did not get pre cycle blood work...
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    Help with my next cycle

    I'm a 38 year old male, 207lbs, 5'11", & 16% BF. I've done one cycle now, which if you check out my previous threads, was not well done, as it was too much, too long & not well balanced. Especially for my first cycle. I completed my 6 week PCT 1 1/2 weeks ago. I'm waiting for week 3 or 4 to get...
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    PCT blood work

    I'll be finishing my 6 week PCT on Wednesday, when is the ideal time to get blood work?
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    Starting PCT

    I'm a 38 year old male, 5'11, 220lbs. I'm getting ready to start my PCT tomorrow morning & would appreciate some advise on how much & when to run. I have already started Aromasin (12.5 mg ED for first week & plan to switch to EOD now), & will be starting Clomid, Nolvadex, GW-501516, & MK-2866. I...
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    Post Cycle Therapy Questions

    Hi Dylan, I just watched your video on PCT, & found it to be very informative. I'm a newbie to the whole steroid world, & I've been running a pretty substantial cycle for my first time. I've been relying on the advice of my more experienced friend who means well, but I'm afraid he may have...