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    Biotech Labs🔅cbbram Reviews!

    Shout out out to cbbram he has been very reliable and has been my go to rep on this forum for 3+ year's top notch service
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    Biotech Labs🔅cbbram Reviews!

    Big shout out to cbbram is service is top notch my go to source very reliable.
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    Buddha in the mix - 1-Stop Domestic Shop

    Congrats bro
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    My prep with EUP/Peak Performance

    sick results congrats
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    Also a first order with Cbbram, 2 thumbs up!

    Same here please send updated price list.
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    Shout out to cbbram for A+ customer service

    Placed an order with cbbram for few IWGF AXIO products and his customer service skills continue to be top notch. He continues to go above and beyond same as he did when he was a Pharmalady rep A+.
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    Buddha's Spring Robo Cycle

    Great log keep up the work
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    Transformation Recomposition

    Great result good job
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    Pharma Lady

    Pharmalady is good to go since June of last year I've placed 4 orders no issues. Her and Cbbram are great to deal with . Now you guys go my attention with Cialis pre workout lol.
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    Pharma Lady

    I also have to give credit as well for cbbram and Pharmalady been on this forum for about 8 months now. I've placed 3 order's all received pretty quick my last order came pretty quick for this time of year 10 days.
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    Pharma Lady Platinum Biotech Caber

    Thanks just sent my email.
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    Pharma Lady Platinum Biotech Caber

    About to grab some of this with my next order great price.
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    SARMSX Wire Transfer Option Available TOMORROW!

    Thanks for the Reply Dylan my fault for not being clear in what I was asking . I was wondering if Mk677 would ever be offered in the 30%- 40% off? I am currently using GW Osta stack from Sarmx I'm in my 3 week and was looking at adding Mk677 for additional healing but I can't find a discount...
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    SARMSX Wire Transfer Option Available TOMORROW!

    Will there ever be any discount stack for Mk677 ?
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    UNBELIEVABLE - More fakes - Different regions !

    I placed my first order directly from the site beginning of April and got if by the end of the month using the other board members code even that had me a bit nervous.
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    Pharmacomlab - test results

    This is good to know I'm waiting on my first order from them now its currently in transit.