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    Hgh pharma pens

    I've seen a couple domestic sources for hgh pens on here. Could I get a pm from those sources with prices please. Thanks!
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    Robo's excellent service..

    I've been using robo's gear for a while now and never had any problems. Great gear, always smooth as butter. Really fast service and delivery. Well my last order of three test cyp vials were crashing after I pulled the first pin from the bottles. I contacted Robo and we tried heating to get...
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    Good offshore bitcoin supplier?

    Coinbase account was shut down. Any good offshore suppliers the American gov can't get their hands on? Thanks.
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    Pharma Lady generic hgh td

    Tried to post pics with my phone but wasn't uploading.. any way everything went very smooth. Order came in quickly. 10 boxes of generic hgh waiting for me as I got back from the beach yesterday. Took 2 ius first night and 4 ius today split morning and night. Very nice pins and needles...
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    Research chem that helps with DHT in the hair follicles. I seen this on another board that we don't speak of here lol. I'm a scientist by nature so I read everything and this actually peaked my interest. It's a good read.
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    Robolics order

    Heya fellas. Just got another great Robolics order. Some test Cyp and deca. This is a fantastic domestic source. I made payment last Monday and on Friday it was in my mailbox. Was trying to post pics but my phone is being funny. Used Robolics gear before and very pleased. Great domestic...
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    No place to input cc#

    Heya guys. Been trying to order a couple bottles of GW over the weekend and after numerous attempts the last couple days it never gives me the option to input a cc#. Any advice?
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    Price lists.

    Heya guys. Was looking for updated robolics and Phurious price lists. I was trying to pm some reps but was having some troubles. Is this site like the adrenaline rush forums where we have to post three times before we can pm?
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    Phurious hgh

    Hey guys. I was gonna order some hgh from you guys. I was curious if Phurious or any of his reps had ever taken riptropin and how it compared to Phurious hgh. The rips I had was decent stuff but can't get it from that source any more.
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    Shout out for Phurious!

    I was waiting on a package from phurious for a while and somehow it had gotten lost in the mail and hadn't made it to my house. I contacted Phurious and he sent another package. Got it in three days and had an extra bottle of sustanon and Tren in there with everything I ordered. Amazing...
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    Charlie Sheen HIV+???

    Say it ain't so!! All that tigers blood didn't keep the Warlock from contracting HIV from all those hooker/porn star coke binging sex parties I guess...
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    Albuterol cycle while off eca stack.

    Well this week will be my fourth week on the eca stack. With a lot of cardio and working out I've definitely dropped alot of fat. I wished I would've weighed before i started, but I judge more by how I look in the mirror and how my workout shorts are practically falling off me while I run now...
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    Ketotifen after eca stack.

    Should I take ketitofen on my two weeks off of the eca stack. Is it a must?
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    Which BCAA brand?

    I watched a video showing how some bcaa products out there are actually bcaa's attached to long chain amino acids making the body take two hours or more to digest before it gets into your system. I was going to start taking bcaas pre workout with the gw... just wanted to get the right product...
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    Cabergoline in pill or liquid?

    I've heard it's unstable in liquid form... is this true and also looking for a good source. Thank you!