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    can tren a go bad. I've had a couple bottles sitting in my safe and now it seems a little cloudy than before.
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    cycle help

    looking for a little cycle help. im planning on a bulk cycle using npp, test cyp, eq, and dbol. ive had 4 previous cycles my lastest being 400 a week test prop 400 tren ace. with 50mg winstrol at the last 4 weeks. with proper pct. stats 33 years old 6'0 200lbs 9% bodyfat. i work out 5-6 days...
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    drop tren and run npp?

    so for the last 6 weeks ive ran 400mg test prop a week and 525 mg tren ace a week with .5mg caber every three days and 12.5 mg aromasin every other day. the problem is mentally the tren is messing with me. its causing some issues with my wife. so question is can i drop tren and finish the...
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    post injection headache??

    im taking 50 mg of tren ace a day, 60mg of test prop a day, and 25mg of dbol a day. im on the 6th day of my cycle and after the 3rd day every time i pin with in 30 mins i get a pretty decent headache that last till the nexy morning. i usually pin around 5pm eveyday. anyone ever experiences this?