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    Need Test and Deca help!!!!!!!

    Only 2 pins into my cycle and I already feel like shit. My cycle includes: Test Cyp. 500mg EW Deca. 250mg EW Pfizer aromasin 12.5mg EOD Upjohn caber .5mg 2x per week Like I said, I am only 2 pins in and I feel like I am doing everything correctly but I still feel like ass. Fatigue, lethargy...
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    What’s up bro! Wanna start off by saying that I’ve been following you on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook for a while now and I really appreciate all of the free advice you give. I’ve learned a ton from your videos! I just recently ran a cycle of test. at 200mg per week for about 20 weeks. I have...
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    What y’all think about this PCT regiment?

    Just finished my fourth and last week of 1000iu HCG per week. (500iu twice per week). Starting pct tomorrow with weeks 1 and 2 12.5mg aromasin EOD 50mg clomid ED 40mg nolvadex ED Weeks 3 and 4 12.5mg aromasin EOD 25mg clomid ED 20mg nolvadex ED What y’all think about this protocol? I know...
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    100mg Test. E per week and testicular atrophy

    I was just recently running 500mg of Test E per week for my cycle (Alpha Pharma brand). I started to tapper off by going down to 400, 300 etc. I’m currently taking 100mg per week of a different brand of test. delaystryl is the brand name. Supposed to be U.S. human grade. But my question is that...
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    US-Domestic Supply

    Just gonna do a quick review of US-Domestic Supply. I’ve made a few orders with them and I have to say that their service and products are top notch. Some of the best I’ve used and the best customer service I’ve ever seen. The owner gives you his personal email and you can contact him at any...
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    Reliable Rx Pharmacy

    I’m currently trying to make an order from reliable rx pharmacy for some HCG, Aromasin, Clomid and Nolvadex. But, the website is telling me that my order is for more than a 90 day supply and that they won’t accept orders that large. I’m wondering if I’m ordering too many items or am I ordering...
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    HCG before pct even if LH and FSH are normal?

    What’s up guys? I’m about to start my PCT in about 5 weeks and I just got back my results from my end of cycle bloods. Test was high (of course) and all of my other values were within the normal healthy range including my LH and FSH. So, with that being said, would you still recommend that I...