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  1. J

    MK-677 and Fasted Glucose

    Gents, Anyone on MK seen their Fasted BG creep up? Anyone notice insulin related sides? Thanks.
  2. J

    In Between Cycles

    Coming off aas cycle in 4 weeks, what do guys do in between cycles? I will be dropping back down to my TRT dose, is it fine to go right into a SARMS cycle? Or do I need time bewteen? I really need to work on my HDL before my next cycle which won't be till Mid November. I'm thinking a recomp...
  3. J

    What was your workout today?

    Members! What was your workout today? Like the food thread to give each other workout ideas. This is what I did this am; 10 min Row 5 Round Barbell Complex: Deadlift x 12 Bent over Row x 12 High Pull x 12 Military Press x 12 5 x 20 Box Jump/10 Front Squat Push Press SuperSet 10 Minute Row
  4. J

    Lab Results

    Hey Gents, need some eyes to see if I need to sub anything in or any added supplements. Mid point labs. 350mg Test E split twice a week 2.5iu GH ED 50MG Proviron ED All gear sourced from IWGF Fasted 12hours, GH shot 1.5hrs before testing, testing done 3.5 days after last test E shot and...
  5. J

    Blood Pressure Spike

    Gents! The last few days my Blood Pressure has spiked. Ranging from 130/85-161/95 throughout the day. Not alarming high but much higher than I usually am. I did get a new pre workout with a bunch of caffeine, took that the first day and haven't again to see if that was the issur, im sure it...
  6. J

    PL Service

    Hello All, Even though I have no TD to report, I have to say that I an extremely impressed with their service thus far, they are keeping better tabs on my order than I am. Kudos to PL!
  7. J

    Average Joe MK2866 RAD GW Cycle Log

    Hey All, Today I started my cycle of these SARMS. Will keep a log of my cycle is as follows: GW @ 20mg per day RAD @ 20mg per day MK2 @ 25mg per day Test C @ 150mg per week Proviron @ 50mg per day A little back story on me. May 2018 weight unknown, see a picture from a night out in DTLA and I...
  8. J

    First Sarms Cycle

    Hey guys planning out my first Sarms cycle and wondering if I am missing something. Goal is to pack on as much lean mass as possible while dropping BF. 39 Years old 5' 9" 177 lbs 21.18% BF 12 weeks: Cardarine 20mg per day RAD-140 20mg per day Test C 150mg per week (they are going to up my...
  9. J

    Current Hipo Reps?

    Hello, Can someone please contact me? Thanks in Advance JP