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    What peptide to add on a short bulking cycle

    Hi I would like add peptide to my short bulking cycle. Currently I’m doing test prop, npp, tbol can you suggest what peptide to add.
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    Puff nipples need to get rid off

    im getting puffy nipples want to get rid of it. I was not a cutting n bulking cycle for the whole of 2018 as I was competing. I use to talk AI but still I am getting puffy nipples it’s like it puffs up n after some time it normal. Plz help
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    Stopped S4 as scared of blindness

    HiDylan, I am from Dubai (UAE) i will be competing in Mens physique on 28th april 2017. i am 3 weeks out of the competition and I have being running MK2866 for past 12 weeks started on 9th jan 2017 and the 12 week cycle completed on 2nd april 2017. I currently running GW501516 and had started...
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    How to take MK2866 & GW501516

    Hi Dylan, I just ordered MK 2866 & GW501516 from and would like to know how to run it. I am preparing for a competition in April 2017 (Mens Physique division) and would like to know is this is good to run. Also please advice me what pct i should run after completing 12 week cycle...