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    Need help with my bloodwork!

    I finished my 12 week cycle of 15mg of lgd, 30mgs rad 140 with 25 mgs of mk677. Waited 3 days for the compounds to come out of my system before starting my pct with nolva. I’ve been running mk for over 10 months now and still am while on pct. Took blood work on my last day of my cycle and need...
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    Quick sarms question! Please.

    Hi Dylan. Just had a quick question regarding sarms. I finished my 10 week sarms cycle and pct with nolva 20mg for 4 weeks and a test booster. The sarms i used we’re mk,lgd,cardarine,and ostarine. After my cycle I took blood work and got back that my estrogen was very high. Any reason why that...
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    First cycle questions

    Hi, Dylan I have been a fan for a while now and watching your videos for sometime now. I just started my first ever cycle yesterday. I am running an UGL test prop at 100mg end for 8 weeks. I have nolvadex for pct and was thinking of grabbing HCG for the 2nd week in. Also I have arimidex on hand...