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    Good day, whats your thoughts about running SARMS only cycles? Will it really require E2 exogenous supplementation due to lack of aromatization and not having sufficient amount of estrodial conversion causing dry aching joint, terrible libido, erectile dysfunction, feeling like crap, bone...
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    RU58841 Results?

    Good day everyone, anyone here have been using RU58841 and have any sort of negative or positive feedback on that for hair loss? Thanks for sharing!
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    HOW TO? Higher Physiological Testosterone Levels

    Good day, I am 32 y.o., training for 5-6 years, as natural, around 14% BF, and I am strongly evaluating to go through a TRT, reasons are I always feel somehow depress for no reason, easy to irritate and somehow anxious, also sometimes during the day I feel fatigue I cannot even focus at work, a...
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    Good day everyone, I would love to know what SARMS do you recommend to stack together and why for the best HEALING/PERFORMANCE cycle (not looking to go cheap or stay on a budget on this, so go all in). Will it need PCT? Can you repeat for as many times as you want to? Sorry for the many...
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    Hello everyone, I am planning to run eSARMS PREMADE 12 Weeks BULKING Cycle, Anbolicum, Ostabolic, Testolone, Cardazol, M1-MK Have anyone actually try it already? Does it need PCT or Cardazol, M1-MK will do? What would be the best 2nd Cycle stack to follow the Bulking one? Recommendations for...
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    LEGIT SARMS and Hair Loss

    Good day, are there any chances to have hair loss using REAL LEGIT SARMS? If yes, can you please provide a list of SARMS that actually does that? Both my dad and brother have lost hairs due to genetics and I am planning to start using SARMS and avoid the use of steroids. Thanks everyone for help!
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    ESARMS NOT AVAILBALE to SHIPPING to EUROPE - Where can I buy them here?

    Good morning, I would really love to buy SARMS from as suggested by Dylan Gemelli but unfortunately they ship to USA and CANADA only. TRUSTED and suggested source in Europe for SARMS anyone? Thank you