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    Blood results from SARMs only cycle. Is this normal?

    Hi Guys. So I very recently ran a SARMs only stack/cycle. 12 weeks total. S4 @ 50mg/d split dose. GW501516 10mg/day. LGD4033 10mg/d. The results were pretty good, my strength gains were incredible and certainly showed some lean muscle gains but fairly low weight gain (around 2kg max?) I was...
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    SARM advice

    Hey, I'm running a SARM cycle, LDG4033, S4 & GW501516. Aiming for 12 weeks an in the dosages suggested by Dylan G on Youtube. Im 5 weeks in, its going great!!! I\'m using up S4 pretty quickly and just wondering if I could drop S4 and stack with MK2866 instead as I have some of that. I don't know...