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    hi does IGF have any side effect? Does it fuck around with blood sugar levels possibly causing low or high blood sugar that might lead to diabetes?
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    hi is a PCT needed with the use of MK-677 including long term use
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    Sarms for Joint healing

    my shoulder is fucked, what is the best sarm to heal joints? I think its might be a ligament or tendon, I cant even bench 30 lbs dumbbells right now
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    Incomplete vs Complete Protein

    I have done some research on incomplete and complete protein personally I think the supplement industries is full shit telling us that only animal sources of protein are complete, so then they can sell us their whey protein. I am not a vegetarian but I cant use any milk products like whey...
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    Hgh mk-677

    can MK-677 reduce grey hairs?
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    Question on a video Gemelli made I have a Question on the 2nd cycle on this Video Gemelli made the S4 and Mk-2866 are they used during the LGD, RAD? or after the PCT? LGD 1-12 weeks RAD 1-16 weeks MK-677 16 weeks to 12 months PCT 17-21 weeks S4 5-16 weeks MK-2866...
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    whats better for HGH release Hexarelin or MK-677?

    whats better for HGH release Hexarelin or MK-677?
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    Insulin, Are Insulin Gains Permanent?

    Are Insulin Gains Permanent?
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    Sarms and Steriod Cycle for Bulking lean gains

    Can everyone give me a cycle for Bulking (lean gains kept after the cycle) that has a combination of Steroids and Sarms? I don't care about fat loss as I have 7% B.F. oh no Deca (shut down is intense) and No Tren (I hate the sides on it)
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    Mk-677 6 month cycle

    Since MK-677 has to be ran for a minimum of 6 months I want to see what does everyone think of this cycle for bulking 2 Months 1-8 LGD 1-8 RAD 1-8 S4 1-8 MK-677 1 Months 9-12 MK-677 9-12 Clomid 9-12 GW 2 Months 13-16 LGD 13-16 RAD 13-16 S4 13-16 MK-677 1 Months 17-20 MK-677 17-20 Clomid...
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    Pro Hormones vs Sarms

    whats better Pro-Hormones or Sarms?
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    Best Sarms Stacks for Bulking Muslce Gains

    hi I want to know what is everyone's opinions on the best stacks for Bulking (muscle gains)?
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    Best Steriod cycle for Gains kept after the cycle

    Hi Can I get everyone's opinion what is the best steroid cycle for gains kept after the Cycle and PCT? I only care about gains kept after the cycle while using no Steroids, during the cycle some of the sized gained could be water weight I don't care about water gains
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    Peptides and Sarms

    I have a little bit of confusion about peptides and Sarms if CJC-1295 raises HGH then why would someone use MK-2677 for HGH release? whats better ? why use one over the other?
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    masteron vs primobolan

    what is better for muscle gains, masteron or primobolan?
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    Stack Cycle

    hi how would i dose this stack? I also need a PCT
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    Osterine in a PCT

    Can some when explain to me why some ppl use Osterine something that shuts you down on a PCT? Would it not shut you down even more? Would it not be better to use something else like GW, Clomid, Nolva
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    It takes approximately 4 to 6 months to see positive results when taking HGH, if I was to use MK-677 how long would it take to see the exact same result from HGH? IMO HGH would be stronger then MK-677 so my guess would be 8 to 10 months
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    Anyone here of Red supplements Ostarine

    hi Anyone ever use Ostarine by Red Supplements? Is it Legit?
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    hi What Sarm is good for muscle gains? I don't care about the sarms that are for the following: endurance, fat loss, injury repair, recomp, increases appetite ( I can eat a lot when necessary)