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    Extreme Fatigue while taking Clen and T3?

    Hi all, Long story short I’m nearing the end of a 12 week cut. Ive used rad 140, S4, GW and SR9009. I’ve gotten my hands on some Clen and T3 which I attempted to throw into the mix. I experience extreme fatigue, like fall asleep pass out, about an hour or 2 after the dose. Is this normal...
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    Is it worth stopping mk677 prior to a photo shoot?

    I've been on mk677 @ 15mg for 16 months straight and this is also my first time using it. I'm cutting hard for an event/shoot coming in August and I'm toying with the idea of stopping MK677 3 or 4 days prior to eliminate any chances of bloat etc. For what its worth, I'll also be taking RAD 140...
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    EXTREME Muscle Cramping: Sarms Super Stack (7 SARMS)

    Hi all. I am a long time lurker and long time researcher. Before we start, I'd like to give a brief history on myself. I have cycled AAS before (5 cycles w/ proper PCT) and this is now my 3rd and largest SARM cycle yet. I am in excellent shape and I eat very well. Here is what I am taking...