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    Biotech Labs🔅cbbram Reviews!

    5th time ordering from Cbbram. I have been very satisfied EVERY time. Cbbram has been my go to. I have ordered Test E and Test P several times and they are quality products.
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    Sarms legality

    As of now, they are NOT a controlled substance. So to answer your question, they are not illegal to posses
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    Little Rock Cop Assaults Wife After Confronted About His Steroid Use

    I agree. I believe that this guy was already an asshole before he started taking these drugs
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    Sarms stack

    I have run lgd and s4 for a 12 week cycle. No mk-2866 though. Absolutely loved it. 10 mg lgd everyday and 50 mg everyday of s4. I take 25mg upon getting out of bed and the other 25mg later in the day. Ideally, you will want to take the 2nd dose of s4 about 4-6 hrs late, but I didn't want to...
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    Shelf life of multi dose vial

    I should have done a little bit of digging. Thank you for the link to that post
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    Shelf life of multi dose vial

    I've heard that the general rule is that an opened/punctured vial should not sit for more than 28 days; whatever is left over should be discarded after that mark. Would that hold true for a vial of test e? Should a partially used up vial be discarded rather than sit on the shelf for a few months?
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    If you are asking if you can use it as a base, then yes. But at that point, you may as well run a full aas cycle. What everyone else is saying is absolutely right; taking androgel will take you to complete shutdown whereas the sarms will just suppress you. M1-Mk mitigates this issue
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    Post cycle start date?

    Your test levels are still recovering, hence the dip in sex drive. The test cyp should have cleared out 2 weeks after your last shot of that. The test prop also should have cleared out 1 week after the last shot. So I believe the timing was good. Now you just need time to recover your natural...
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    Lgd/s4/cardarine cycle

    I would run it the full 12 weeks. You can get great results on 8 weeks, but 12 is better. I ran the same pct as you did, but I added a test booster with it
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    Samson's status post jan 1st

    I am so happy to hear this. I was so worried about the availability of these products following the ban
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    Did Steroids Make You Sterile???

    They can if you run them non stop for a long enough time. But at the same time, the human body is pretty resilient and will most likely restore itself. It might take a long ass time though without the proper pct
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    Cbbram shoutout!

    Cbbram has always been super helpful to me. He is my go to person
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    Steroidify Main Thread

    When shipping to the US, which warehouse should I order from for the highest chance of a successful delivery? Or does it even matter which warehouse I order from?
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    Steroidify Main Thread

    When having an order shipped to the United States, which warehouse should I order from in order to have the highest chance of a successful delivery? Or is there even a difference?
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    China banning production of raw materials

    I am super happy to hear that.
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    China banning production of raw materials

    There has been some talk circulating the internet about the Chinese government stopping the production and export of raw materials for sarms and steroids. I can see this being a bad deal since a lot of raw materials come from China. Does anybody know more on this topic? I am a little concerned
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    Why is youtube a big piece of shit

    Very much agreed. It is shitty that such great information is being suppressed
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    Why is youtube a big piece of shit

    For the 3rd time, the special ed graduates of youtube decided to be sacks of shit. Again. Dylan's channel was a great source of information and I don't see any rules being broken
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    First cycle test e

    I will be starting my first aas cycle here soon. I plan to run test e at 350 mg/week for 12 weeks. With this being my first aas cycle, I have no idea how my body reacts to test and how much I aromatize. My question is: should I take an ai from day 1? Or wait until I get mid cycle bloods to...
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    Mk2866 & gw501516

    Run the gw501516 alongside your mk2866 and into your pct. There is no need to run an ai nor nolva during your cycle. None of those compounds aromatize. A quality test booster can mitigate the mild suppression from the mk2866