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    Third week Ostarine Cycle, Gyno ?

    I'm going into my third-week Ostarine only. I started with 10mg ed for the first week and have been taking 20mg ed since then. After week one I've had bilateral chest soreness, almost like DOMS, but it never goes away. My nipples are not itchy nor do I have any lumps right now but they are...
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    Pre-Blood Work Question (HIGH FSH)

    Hi, I'm 29 years old and I've been lifting on and off for the past decade and have been more consistent the past two years. I have the intention of starting an Ostarine only cycle dosed at 20mg ed. I got pre-blood work done and everything is normal but my FSH is abnormally high (19.3)...
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    First SARM cycle one year post op gyno surgery

    Im 27 and have been lifting consistantly the passed 5 years or so. I had surgery about 1 year ago for gyno ive had since puberty (gland removal/lipo). I am now considering running a sarm cycle of purely ostarine so I can see how my body responds to it. I'd obviously get my blood work down...