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    Test + Primo Cycle Thoughts

    Hey guys, I'm likely going to be doing my 2nd cycle soon. My first was 350mg test + 400 mg primo per week, with 6 weeks of anavar at the end First Cycle 1-16 350mg test-e, 1-16 400mg primo 10-16 40mg anavar per day (Monday/Thursday Pinning Schedule) 3-17 0.5mg arimidex per week 15g fish oil...
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    Sarms for Bridging between AAS & in AAS PCT

    Hey Guys, BACKGROUND INFO ---------------------- I've used sarms solo before, but i recently took a plunge into the world of AAS... and they work much better with me than sarms ever did PERSONALLY. Never been accused of PED's until the last 2 months, and I hear it daily now haha. Anyway, I'm...
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    Proper Cycle Advice. LGD? MK-2866? RAD140?

    Hey guys, I'm going to cut a long story sort of short. I'm looking to start my 4th SARMS cycle, but do it properly. My first one was 6 weeks osta and not a whole lot happened tbh. My second was LGD for 8 weeks to bulk, and it was noticable... but then I didn't PCT properly, and lost almost...