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    Peak performance and Axio

    Just curious on their products offered? I know this a very blanket/vague question. I just legitimately want to hear what you guys like about their products. I’ve ordered from numerous sponsors on here, and other non supported labs along the way. Always like to hear the good and bad concerning...
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    Local sources

    Hey guys! Posted on the information page stats and a few things about previous and future cycle. Look forward from learning and growing! I’ve always had a good local source. He is flaky at best these days. Buying online is very new to me and to be completely honest. It’s damn Scary...
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    Second cycle advice.

    Stats: Been training for 20 years. 39 years old. 6”1” currently 215. 15% BF. First cycle was last year of Test E for 16 weeks (I know Too Long) 600 mg a week. Arimidex eod @ .5 to .25. Two weeks after last pin did 4 weeks of clomid @ mg a day ( this time would like a more extensive pct). I had...