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  1. Shunka Witko

    Any Educated Guess on these orals

    So one of my good friends ended up kicking this guy out of her house. He left this behind. Fortunately for me I get the vials, but I don't have a clue what the orals might be. I'll probably end up trashing them, but was just curious if anyone had an educated guess as to what they are. Thanks!
  2. Shunka Witko

    Timing with Orals

    Just curious what peoples consensus is on when to take orals. This is my first time using them and was wondering when is the best time to take them. Pre-workout, in the morning, at night post workout? Or just consistently the same time everyday? I have researched the half life of Anadrol and...
  3. Shunka Witko

    Simbute?????....something...Axio maybe??

    Who is it that sales the simbutrex or something like that. I can't remember the name of it, but it's the fat burning supplement. Axio labs maybe???
  4. Shunka Witko

    3rd Cycle Critique

    What's up ISARMS family?!? Been awhile since I posted. So it's been almost a year since my last cycle (test, eq, and winny). Due to job change and relocating, I had to cut it short right when it was getting really good (didn't even get into the winny). Since I'm settled back in to my normal...
  5. Shunka Witko

    CVS vs Pharma Lady Test Cyp Bloodwork

    So last year when PL had her test on special I stocked up. It was more affordable than what CVS charges me for my TRT. Here are the blood results from doctor showing my test levels. This one is the result from CVS. 175 mg/ week and seven days after I had pinned myself Here are the results...
  6. Shunka Witko

    Winny with normal TRT dose

    I have some Winny left over from last cycle that I decide not to take due to change in job and relocating. Didn't want to waste it if could put in the time in the gym and eat properly. So now I am curious if it will be effective with my normal TRT dose or if I should just save it for another...
  7. Shunka Witko

    Shout out to our family member Wesley Sniper

    Lets show some love and support to our family member Wesley Sniper who is competing today at Border States XXXIX at the Scottish Rites Center in San Diego. Keep in mind he is 57 years old and is JACKED!!! He should be an inspiration to all our members young and old!!! WAY TO GO WESLEY!! If I...
  8. Shunka Witko

    EQ cylce length opinions

    Just curious what peoples opinion on with this EQ cycle length and choices of dosing. Are there any pros or cons to each one? Option 1: 16 week with [email protected] and [email protected] or Option 2: 20 Week with [email protected] and [email protected] Mathematically the total dosing work out the same...6000mg of test and...
  9. Shunka Witko

    When did gyms become internet cafes?????

    Nothing is more irritating or frustrating to me when I'm in the gym and I'm waiting to use a machine for some jackwagon that is sitting there on his/her phone facebooking, tweeting, snapping, texting or what the fuck ever!!! So I change my game plan, go do different exercise, get done with it...
  10. Shunka Witko

    The little GW that could 12 week log

    I'm going to log my 12 week progression of LGD, GW, and TRT cycle. I had bloods done and went and had a body analysis done. This way I'm not just guessing or using approximations. This Sunday will be the beginning of week three which I'm really looking forward to getting through. That's when...
  11. Shunka Witko

    Recipe sticky

    I was wondering if someone could generate a recipe sticky where people could post their favorite muscle building recipes? I do like to cook and I realize that just because it's healthy doesn't mean it has to taste like shit! For instance, I can't just eat tuna out of the can but I know how...
  12. Shunka Witko

    Do SARMS really effect you so quickly?

    Today I started my cycle of LGD and GW. I waited about 45 minutes and went to the gym. I honestly felt more strength and endurance immediately. Not only with the weights but on the treadmill! I honestly couldn't get enough. I finally left because I thought I might injure myself. Was it SARMS or...
  13. Shunka Witko

    Go to chest exercise

    If you only had time for one good chest exercise what would it be? I'm trying to get a fuller chest and just can't get that good burn like I can other body parts.
  14. Shunka Witko

    LGD and GW cycle

    So after much deliberation and reading, I've decided on using LGD and GW for my first SARMS cycle. My ultimate goal is a little better aesthetic look. I'd like to gain 3-5 lbs of muscle and drop some more body fat. Currently I am 185 with approximately 16% bf, 46 yo and 6'0" and taking TRT at...
  15. Shunka Witko

    Will LGD-4033 satisfy?

    Just recently relocated so funds are a little tight at the moment. So, I can only choose one SARM to run. I have lost weight over the last 3 months and got BF down to 15.1%. So now I am looking to beef up with good lean muscle gains. So after reading many peoples experience with LGD, I think...
  16. Shunka Witko

    Is DIM enough?

    I'm currently on 200 mg TRT weekly. Just got labs back and labs and Estradiol was 67 which is about what it was 3 months ago. I take a split DIM supplement of 500 mg one day and 250mg the next. My question is, could I and should I up the amount of DIM to combat the estradiol or should I add...
  17. Shunka Witko

    Capers vs. Caber

    Apparently there is some confusion with this so here's a quick lesson: These are capers: This is CABER: They each have very different effects on your system. You're welcome! :cool:
  18. Shunka Witko

    Best exercise to target abdominal port of pec

    Over the last two months I have managed to drop 5% BF through very specific dieting and combination of resistance training and cardio. However, I can't seem to get rid of my pesky moobs! What's the best exercise to target and develop that area? I will continue this diet and exercise regime until...
  19. Shunka Witko

    Two years progress

    Since everyone else has been posting pictures of their progress, I figured I would too. It took some courage for me to post my before and after picture, but I hope it inspires someone. :D
  20. Shunka Witko

    Following Newbie Protocol

    I found the thread that recommended newbies should introduce themselves. So here goes. I'm 46 years old, 6'0", 190 lbs and BF is ~19%. In the last five months I have lost 30+ lbs and working on getting back into shape (at least a shape other than round! :rolleyes: ). I'm am currently on...