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    Phurious Rep, JackSteel please clear your inbox

    Hey bro, messages are getting kicked back in error due to your filled Inbox. (Mods, please delete this thread once JS recognizes it...thank you)
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    How to talk to your kid about Gear (I think hes using)

    So, yea. My wifes son (24yo) has sorta been competitive with me since back when I was only dating his mom. Now, hes staying with us thru the winter and Weve noticed his size has DRASTICALLY grown in just the last 3 months. Last night I noticed a terrible outbreak of Bacne all over his shoulders...
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    Favorite Syringe?

    So, I have really never used anything but Terumo's. But they seem to be harder to find now that Im near the bottom of my 1000 box. What is a good, affordable 3cc 22g 1.5" syringe/needle? Suggestions welcome. Also, where is a good place to get them? Im noticing a WIDE range of prices on the...
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    Checking In : Hoping everyone had the best Holiday!!

    Hey gang, Its been a little over a week since I was logged in. Some terribly things happen with the family that needed to be addressed. The last posting I was discussing was whether to switch gyms as I had gotten a 3 day pass to LA fitness and Tam and I were testing the waters. Well..on day 2...
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    LA Fitness thoughts

    So the wife and I are considering changing gyms and shopped the local LA Fitness this weekend. The sales guy was such a swarmy used car salesman that i really cant trust. It sickened me to speak to him and I wanted to pound him like a nail. But the gym...all new equip, rubber flooring, space...
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    Gup's Pure Essence Cialis Log

    "Gups Pure Essence Cialis Log" theres a title of a thread right? Shouldn't it be named Gups PE Cialis WOOD? Anyways, we are all aware of what great benefit Cialis has on males but for those of us who don't, Ill share: Cialis is a PDE5 Inhibitor. It is a brand name for the compound...
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    Get Tired of the way you eat your eggs? This is a ton of great egg tricks.
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    Losing Fat: Eat Less, Move More

    Like some of you, I sit at a desk all day. I work in a construction atmosphere so most employees are beer drinking, fast food sloths and gluttons. After more than 25 years in this Trade, Im still shocked at the physical size of some of these workers considoring the amount of walking, climbing...
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    Concerned about Ms.Guppy's workout today gym with the Ms.G this afternoon and she started looking a little pekid.(sp?) She made it through her workout but with little intensity. She didnt say much, or complain but I could tell something wasnt right. She had to use the Ladies room more than usual too. Normally...we finish up with...
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    Stupid Noob Posts of History!

    I know everyone has read, replied or dropped their face in their hands over a dumbass post in the past. I thought Id share one that has stuck with me for over 10 years. Id be interested in hearing any that top it. This kid, maybe 16 or 17, never lifted a day, if he got any skinnier he would...
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    Jumped Ship from EVO...Hello gang!!

    So I had no idea this place existed. Took some time, read around the board a bit and was amazed at the difference. I had joined evo cause it seemed fairly decent...but in the short time i was there I witnessed some shady biz. Alot of temper and trash talk too. Id like to hang here if...