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    adhd medicine and aas

    Saying adhd isn't real is like saying aspergers are dumb people and dyslexics are just lazy. Having been adhd my last 40+ years I can say I've tried every pharmacudical before finding natural remedies. But then, ADHD has been more of a blessing than a curse for me. Depending on which script...
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    Phurious Rep, JackSteel please clear your inbox

    We were in the middle of a convo. He was looking something up for me Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Phurious Rep, JackSteel please clear your inbox

    Hey bro, messages are getting kicked back in error due to your filled Inbox. (Mods, please delete this thread once JS recognizes it...thank you)
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    hi my name is jowey, i want to start my first cycle[test,deca, and dbol

    i just spit milk thru my nose. thanks man....thanks
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    Phurious is done!

    I have run a business once or twice in my life. Though Phurious had me going with this April fools joke...Im sure there is some seriousness to his position. Anyone in Customer Relations can attest that the consumer has fairly unrealistic expectations. People tend to want more, for nothing...and...
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    CAUTION !!! Fake products found !!

    Why would someone really go through all that trouble? It seems that it would cost quite a bit of $$ to replicate someone elses labeling. The dedication to dupe people for a quick buck is amazing. Thank you for keeping the forums informed!
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    Diet and Nutrition basics 101

    Great to see someone revisit the Grass Roots of bodybuilding. Not enough is said about the staples in Gainz and Losses. I remember researching so much of this info in my early years and really dont see much about it posted these days. Too many of the younger generation can tell you about Test...
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    Is anyone else shocked by the amount of teenagers taking steroids?

    On the plus side, 2 months after their cycle they will be the same size or smaller than before they started. Kids (I have one that has just blindly jumped on the roid wagon with no research, prep or knowledge of PCT) are caught up in the world we inadvertently created for them (i.e...
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    Anavar only? What is your goal, or what do you hope to achieve from this cycle? If you are expecting to pack on any mass you will most likely be disapointed. If you are cutting, or just want a more aesthetic look then you might achieve a hint of what youre looking for (if....IF...the VAR is any...
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    Hey guys new here

    Welcome! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Phurious Pharma Grand Prize!!

    Drooling. Love the Trens!
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    How to talk to your kid about Gear (I think hes using)

    Definitely some great advice. I didn't even see him the whole weekend. He works nights, and sleeps all day. Tricky bastard sneaks in and out like a mouse. I never know when hes home or not, lol. Hes supposed to give me a hand laying a floor in our gym...Ill catch him then. thanks again guys
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    Favorite Syringe?

    Same here. I tried one other brand so long ago that I dont remember the name. Reseached the sharpest needle, invested in a shit ton of stock and well...its finally nearing the bottom of the barrel. I had trouble finding Terumo at a reasonable price (before this posting, that is.)
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    Favorite Syringe?

    1.5 is my general choice for Quads and Gluts.
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    Favorite Syringe?

    . -This .
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    How to talk to your kid about Gear (I think hes using)

    Tough indeed. He already trusts me, we have a tight relationship. Hes like a son and a freind to me as Ive seen him thru some fucked up shit in the past. Hes family, Ill wait for the right moment. Ill know it when I feel it. thanks guys
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    How to talk to your kid about Gear (I think hes using)

    He already gave a us a bouncing grandbaby this year already. Ill be bent if another comes too soon, lol.
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    Potecy of Products

    Not sure if you said but...just how much you pinning? I know if I pin 3cc gets sore.
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    Dumb question bout size..

    When I was in my 20s I worked construction. This foreman, short and beer bellied told me he could push a trailer. I was like BULLSHIT. I mean this dude had a gut, thin arms..never seen a gym or a weight heavier than a Keg. He jogged up to a detached (empty) Oil tanker truck and pushed that...
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    How to talk to your kid about Gear (I think hes using)

    Yea, his mother knows hes on...shes seen it before with friends and dudes at the gym. She wants to be the one to talk to him, but Im telling her thats a BAAAAD idea. I havent ran anything in several years but am stocking up to start (checks calander) actually, I planned on Dec 1st. But shit got...