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    Pure Essence account

    Just a curiosity... Why would one need to log in an account in order to order from the company? In other words couldn't a person simply pay and give a shipping address without an account?
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    What if...

    What if you sent your source a note similar to this... it is almost 7 weeks in and I have not gained any weight. It would seem the gear is under dosed or fake. I am disappointed with results. What kind of response do you think you'd get? Hahaha...basically a rhetorical question because I...
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    Has anyone here actually run some research on animals? I ask because it could be very interesting for people with overweight dogs to run some GW. It sounds crazy, maybe, but one thing I know is that most peoples pets are obese. It could be good to test your GW and see if you can improve the...
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    Looks interesting..."phytoserms" If there are decent phytoserms that work it could reduce the amount of time you need to take pct drugs. Less drugs equal longer time recovering from aas.
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    Mixing up tinctures

    I have been busy in my kitchen mixing up some herbal tinctures again as is my habbit every six months or so. It saves a lot of money compared to buying old stale herbs or tinctures from the over priced spots like GNC. Anyway... I am presently making one with Hawthorn. I have some made with...
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    Is there a place to buy a small amount of pure methanol without the additives in heet?
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    Starting to think I am natty!!!

    I have been eating well training hard and going ham in the gymnasium. Got 4 years of serious OCR runs and a shit ton of MA training(25 yrs) and training for aesthetics. So anyway, I went to a source for some "help" to beef up with a goal of hitting 165# at a moderate BF level and less...
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    On a test E/deca cycle what is the better AI option?

    If a person were to be on Test E and Deca, low dose, what would be ideal for AI if it is even necessary. The particular subject is not prone to gyno from past Test Cyp, deca use. In the past subject was ignorant of AI's on an oral only methandrostenolone cycle but did not seem to need them...
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    agmatine and gi upset

    Has anyone experimented with agmatine sulfate? And if so, has it caused GI upset? Some research says not to mix with creatine and if you have ulcers it is also a no go. I intend to take it at about 3 gms a day but so far my research is saying that it doesnt vibe well with citruline of creatine...
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    Quick intro

    Hey, I have been looking for this spot since a person on another site told me about this. I do not like people pushing their trash in every post. I cant knock a good hustle but I was tired of watching people lie to newbs. Plus I got burned for bunk RC. Anyway. Im here now. Ready to learn. Ive...