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    Lgd stack question

    Hey dylan, i watched your video on both s4 and rad (and more obviously) and what i got from that is that they are both great. Im 22, im 180 lbs with 10% bf. I just completed a quick cut from 4 weeks, cutting down from 13 to 10%. I want to bulk again and im wondering whether i should: 1-12 -...
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    I messed up and i need advice

    Hey, Sorry its my first post My stats Age: 20 Length: 182cm / 6ft Weight: 72kg BF: 10% Recently i started my first lgd + mk 667 cycle for 8 weeks, i got some nice results from it. I gained 3 kg in about two weeks, the other 6 weeks my weight didnt change much but i saw positive changes to my...