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    Advise needed on calf training

    So i have tried literally every calf exercise i can think of, as well as rep schemes, weight variations etc., right now i am throwing in calf exercises with every body part and i cannot get much if any growth in my calfs. This is nothing new, and has always been an issue for me. My body is...
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    Feeling motivated!!!

    So i previously posted on here the lack of motivation i was feeling after getting back in the gym after taking several months off, and made myself look look ridiculous for inquiring about PEDs. Well i was going through my wifes phone and found a picture from about two years back that really...
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    GW as a stand alone?

    I have been watching Dylans videos and searching around about running GW by itself. It is my understanding tht GW and S4 are optimal, but I have never tried SARMs so i would like to run GW by its self first go around. I suched for GW only logs on the forum but couldnt find one. Just...
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    1st cycle

    So I am 24 6'2 230 lbs. I recently put about 30 lbs back on after losing 140. I have some general knowledge of aas. Just unsure what I want to take. Have always heard that test is a good thing to start on, but have also thought about just getting clen or anavar and tgen trying test when i...