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    Sept. Bloods - 2 wks out from next cycle

    Hey guys, I'm currently 2 weeks out from officially being a me to start my next cycle (Test/Deca/EQ). I had a blood panel done by my doc in in Sept. and would like an opinion before starting my 3rd cycle. I've fun FULL PCTs consisting of Nolva/Clomid/MK2866/GW501516 - Everyone here is super...
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    Mmm, Valhalla!!

    Wanted to let you guys know, my goods showed up today and I cannot WAIT to try this out!! Ms NY was awesome in keeping contact with me and the "Welcome to the Valhalla Family" thank you card brought a smile to my face. You guys are awesome! Both of my gear head friends said the new run looks...
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    Help Setting Up Cycle 3: Test/Deca/EQ

    So after watching Dylan's video a while back, I've decided that I'm not ready for Tren (so I'll hang onto the Tren Ace freebies from my last shipment). That being said, I'm looking to add another compound to my 3rd Cycle and going for a recomp. My AAS history so far: Cycle 1: Test 500mg/wk...
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    Early Christmas from Pure Essence! Just got my stack from PE for my lady and I. Super fast shipping, I ordered on Thanksgiving evening and my order arrived today (2 days early). Needless to say, I'm stoked. Going to start the MK677 tonight and pick up a few more bottles in a couple weeks.
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    2nd Cycle, planning to add Deca?

    Hey everyone, I'm looking to pick up supplies for my 2nd cycle. For those that don't know I'm 34 (will be in 5 days), 6'3" @ 222 and I estimate 10-11%BF. My first cycle was 12wks of Test-E @ 500mg/wk with Aromasin EOD. Full 4 week, PCT (Nolva, Clomid, MK and GW). I'm looking at starting a 2nd...
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    Pharma Lady ROCKS!!!

    I just want to say, HANDS DOWN Pharma Lady is awesome! Order placed and payment sent on Saturday the 15th. My order was mailed out on Monday and it arrived today! She kept me informed of my order, and I was able to track it every step of the way. Packaging was excellent and for overseas...
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    Hi Everyone!

    New guy here, and I wanted to introduce myself. I've been seriously lifting for about 4 years now and will be 34 in November. Currently on my first cycle of Test E (going into week 8) and I've got a friend walking me through everything.. AI on hand with PCT on order. My strength is up...