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    Hello, my BP is usually elevated to the 140 systolic area on cycle. I been trying to decrease it to 110-120. I been drinking tons of water, healthy diet (now), turmeric, fish oil, Apple cider vinegar and beet root powder. I was advised that Telmisartan is very good to help BP. Have any of you...
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    Sarms for woman

    Hey guys. Sorry I?ll keep this quick. What simple stack would you give a woman for weight loss. Not obese weight loss,but like 15-20 pounds. My girl works out 4x a week and eats clean. She just wants to lean up and drop some covid detention weight.
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    Anadrol and equipoise question

    Hey bros, I?m getting ready to start a new bulk cycle and wanna give equipoise a try. I have taken anadrol before and loved it with npp. I?m concerned about RBC elevation. I know to give blood but was curious on a safe anadrol dose. Is 50mg to much with eq? I was thinking of test E 400, EQ 600...
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    Has this ever happened to you.

    I got some stuff from a source that I won?t name cause they need a chance to make things right and that?s only fair but I found what appears to be a fiber or hair floating inside a bottle. Just curious if you?ve seen this. I?m kinda sold on using pharmacy grade and not UG labs from now on even...
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    Source and trt question.

    Dylan has sold me on going with domestic supply. I have some friends that need some goodies so I'll be placing an order. Dylan told me to go zphc so thats whats gonna happen. My boys want test, hcg and Clomid. I didnt ask so I assume they are good with other stuff. My personal question is that...
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    Sarms 4 sale wrote me a note. Lol

    My package arrived in lightning time and keep in mind Sunday and Monday were no delivery days. Awesome company. I took 3/4 a cc of Superman stack to test out. My only complaint is god dam this tastes bad. It?s like mixed with gasoline but all liquid sarms I?ve had taste horrible. Seriously, add...
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    Placed my order with sarms for sale.

    I was getting worried. I been looking daily for superman stack and tamoxifen. I finally saw supermans were in stock. With the 20% discount I save a shit ton of money by going with this company. I'm looking forward to the superman potency. My girlfriend can barely handle me on cialis. Lol. I hope...
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    Need a few things

    Hello I need Nolva and cialis. Does sarms for sale let you order right off site or do I go through a rep. Sorry I?m at work and kinda got my hands tied today.
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    Different levels in vials question

    Morning, Ive used these sources before and its good stuff but I noticed that the vials appear to be same size but the levels in them are different. One of the props is almost full while some of the others arent. Now Im aware that this thing can happen with ugl but I just dont wanna get shorted...
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    Who here has used axio/Peak cialis or cialis viagra combo.

    Title says it all. Im looking for Cialis but I got the so called superman stack from another non approved source here and was highly disappointed. I once got liquid Cialis from another source and that shit was dick fire. Loved it but they only make Cialis. Im interested in axio or peak line for...
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    I always ignored good advice from yall. Not anymore.

    Unfortunately I used to be very stubborn and set in my ways. I used to be on this site but never really posted. Reason why is hundreds of times I heard Dylan, rickrock exc.. tell people to stop using gear at an elevated body fat. I was stubborn and believed that I could just spot treat areas of...
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    I thing HGH made my blood glucose drop

    I been sick for 2 days and today I was unable to eat but I still took my morning injection which may of not been a good Idea. I don't know what happened but I was driving and I suddenly felt starving. Like my stomach was hollow and empty. I started to sweat profusely from head to toe and I...
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    for a woman, is keto okay on anavar and GW 50156

    My girl is trying to cut and lean up and has had great success on keto but she is currently on 10 mg of var and of GW 50156. I honestly wasn't sure if lack of carbs on keto would negatively effect her results. Any opinions.
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    Anyone hear of HGH causing hunger spikes at night as a side effect?

    I just hit month 4 of 4iu split a day and this past week when im ready for bed im just starving. I eat a health diet but I usually don't want to eat at night. I never heard of this as a side effect. Has anyone ever experienced this on HGH.