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    Fake forum??

    Im a lil upset you guys ignored then deleted both of my threads. Did i say somthing wrong or is this a fake ass forum to sell shit. I've been following dylan for a while now and am kinda shocked this happened.
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    weight loss pills with pre work. Bad combination? also running gw,s4, and testbooster

    So I just finished a test tren cycle of about 9 weeks 325mg of both a week for 5 weeks and threw some winstrol depot and the end at about the same mg for the last 4 weeks. looking great at 34, 5'7, 185lbs and 17% body fat last time I checked about 4 weeks ago.. I did loss cardio though due to...
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    rad140 in my test and tren cycle. good or bad idea.?

    SARMS IN MY TREN CYCLE. good or bad idea.? what's up everyone and much respect to Dylan. This is gonna be my third cycle. I'm 34, 5'7, and 185lbs I haven't checked body fat but guessing about 15%. I've been lifting for 4 consistently years now. I finished my second cycle in beginning of...