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  1. RickRock

    Bulking cycles with 1 Stop Domestic shop!

    Its about that time to get everything together for those winter bulk cycles. 1 stop domestic shop has you covered with everything you need with the high quality and reputation of pinnacle products. Message me on wickr or here for a price list and ill help you get set for those big gains! I...
  2. RickRock

    1 Stop Domestic Shop - FREE bottle of Test for orders 800$ and up!

    FREE bottle of test of your choice for every 600$ spent on your order!! Choose from test cypionate, test enanthate, test propionate, or sustanon. Every 600$ spent gets you a FREE bottle I offer FREE one on one consultation with every order at 1 stop domestic shop! Hit me up in PM or on...
  3. RickRock

    Summer cycles from 1 stop domestic shop!

    This time of year its an awesome feeling to get those veins popping, the skin tight, and those striation lines coming on strong. We all know diet and training is our bread and butter, but the compounds can really make your physique shine and accelerate your progress, bringing in a new level of...
  4. RickRock

    RickRock - Domestic gear REVIEWS!

    Feel free to leave experiences and feedback in this thread. I can be reached anytime by PM on this forum or on wickr - RickRock13 for even faster communication for a price list and one on one help
  5. RickRock

    1 Stop Domestic shop - YOUR top notch domestic source!

    Quality is a big deal. Everybody wants a good source that has a reputation for high quality, and great service that goes above and beyond exceeding expectations. 1 stop Domestic shop is exactly that. It doesn't get any better than the service and products they offer. Interested in a price...
  6. RickRock

    20mg Pharma Cialis NOW Available at 1 stop Domestic shop

    We have 20mg Pharma Cialis Blister packs 10 count NOW available at 1 stop domestic shop to add to our already extensive list of high quality products from Pinnacle and Axiom. Send me a PM for a price list! You can also contact me on wickrme mobile app (username RickRock13)
  7. RickRock

    Get your quality GAINS with 1-Stop Domestic Shop!

    Spring is right around the corner. This is about the time of year many of us switch gears and switch to fat burning mode and shred up for the warmer weather. Are you ready? Do you have the quality products you need to achieve your goals? 1 Stop Domestic shop has everything you need with their...
  8. RickRock

    SALE on Test Undecanoate!! 1-Stop Domestic Shop

    Big Sale going on right now for Test Undecaonate. 10ml Buy two st 45$ a bottle, get one free.. That makes it 30 bucks a bottle! Jump on this great deal while its here. Send me a PM for a price list
  9. RickRock

    RickRock - Your rep for 1-Stop Domestic Shop high quality gear!

    We are coming up on another new year. For many of us that grind it out daily, new years usually means a packed gym full of people waiting to get started on a lifestyle change. But for us, it can mean a time to take it up a notch and chase some bigger gains and goals. If you want the best stuff...
  10. RickRock

    RickRock's 1-Stop Domestic Shop HGH run with Test/Deca/EQ!

    So, I had been throwing around the idea of running HGH for quite some time now, and finally have started it for the first time. I'm 45 and at the prime age to reap its benefits. I started EU HGH about a week ago, and already in the first week things I've noticed are awesome sleep benefits, and...
  11. RickRock

    New source added to 1-STOP DOMESTIC SHOP!

    A brand new source has been added to the already extensive list of products from peak performance and EUP. This new third source is Axiom. Send me a PM for the newest updated list of products and prices!
  12. RickRock

    Get the best quality and service here with 1-Stop Domestic Shop gear!

    Bulking season is upon us, and it's time to make those big fall and winter gains! EUP/Peak performance has all of your needs covered with high quality DOMESTIC gear. We have a wide selection of orals, oils, HGH, and ancillaries to build some serious muscle this bulking season. Let me help...
  13. RickRock

    Peak Performance Gear porn. Arrived today!

    Look what just came today! This is the stack I've been running all summer, and I'll be switching to this Peak Performance gear to finish it off strong before going back to cruise. I'll also be cruising on the test c at 200mg per week and curious to see how it treats me. I'll keep everyone...
  14. RickRock

    EUP/Peak Performance high quality gear. USA DOMESTIC!

    Hit me up in PM if you are looking for high quality top notch gear. Everything is shipped domestic and we have a wide selection of AAS, HGH, and ancillaries to meet your needs. Both 10ml and 20ml vials available!
  15. RickRock

    RickRock's ESarms/Banned nutrition log

    I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to be given Cardarine from Esarms to log, and it couldn't have came at a better time. I'm no stranger to sarms and certainly not cardarine. I've ran many sources of cardarine over the last few years....some very good and some not so good, so I...
  16. RickRock

    RickRock's winter BLAST/ORGAN ST log!!

    What's up, guys! I just started my winter BLAST last week, and just got my Organ ST in the mail on Friday so I'll be logging that along with this cycle. My goal is to really bring up my mass and add a couple pounds of tissue, Along with getting as much strength as possible. At some point after...
  17. RickRock

    Dallas Mccarver dead at 25

    There's been no official statement on exactly what happened, but several online sources are reporting that Dallas Mccarver has passed away at 25 years old. As with media, be prepared to hear a lot of speculation and gossip. Whatever you hear, I just want everyone to see this as an eye opener...
  18. RickRock

    Intermittent fasting facts and fiction explained: by RickRock

    Some of you may have heard of Intermittent Fasting, or "IF", but what is it? Intermittent fasting is a type of nutrient timing diet. There are a lot of variations of intermittent fasting out there, but the most popular versions of IF are alternate day fasting (ADF) and the Lean Gains style of...
  19. RickRock

    My thoughts and experience on Deca/EQ versus Tren for recomp/shredding

    I am nearing the last month of my current blast, and wanted to give my thoughts on this cycle. I wanted to do a little expiriment this time with using Deca and EQ in cutting/recomp versus Tren with those being the only changing variable and give my personal experience and thoughts on it, only...
  20. RickRock

    Roids24 Canadapeptides touchdown!

    Got this test cypionate from them very fast. Service and shipping on point! I'll be incorporating it into my trt protocol asap. Thank you roids24!