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  1. sisir

    recomp diet

    HI Dylan whats up bro? you give me RECOMP cycle layout but i have one query that is when i use TREN should i follow carb cycling or traditional low carb diet? my friend said that tren work better with moderate carb diet if you use it for cutting, what would be my diet regime? now i am 150lbs...
  2. sisir

    Recomp or bulk

    Hi Dylan i need your advice , i am 5 ft 8 inch, body fat 13.5 % lifting since 18 yeas age 32 . i have no any health issue and good news is i am not gymo pron my question is should i do re comp or bulking ? if i re comp my cycle would be test and tren for 10 week or if i bulk my cycle would be...
  3. sisir

    Tren e 200mg

    HI Dylan today i watch your video here you said that always use Tren Acc in 1st tren cycle but my problem is i already buy tren e now my question ,should i use Tren E 200 mg per week ? 2nd should i decrees my test e dose 500 to 250 mg when i use Tren ? here i describe my up coming cycle 250 mg...
  4. sisir

    sugar craaving

    Hi Dylan one thing happen that is i feel sugar craving when i took black coffee specially evening tim i eat complex carbs and i dont skip any meal. if i dont take coffee i feel very lethargic during my workout so what should i do help me.
  5. sisir

    best compound to stack with tren

    HI dylan i want to know about Tren and EQ stack. my question is EQ is a long ester so i would like to run it 16 week with test but 16 week for tren is not bad idea ? should i run it 16 week with test EQ .here my cycle would be 500mg test e with 12.5 mg Exmestance and 200mg tren e with caber...
  6. sisir

    watching porn and sex drive

    Watching porn movie is a health for real sex life? Is it bad addiction just like alcohol or any thing else? Thnkx
  7. sisir

    Tren and test

    Hi guys currently i am off next cycle will be bulking and it is deca with test e with Ai and caber for 16 test dose is 500mg with 250deca..then pct as dylan is my 3rd question is .4cycle should i use tren acc with test p for 10 week with caber and Ai.i...
  8. sisir

    Last fat

    Hi guys can you tell me how can i reduce my last abs fat is a minimum percentage if i able to reduce this fat my lower abs will became more visible.this layer of fat around my naval area.thnkx Sent from my SM-J700F using Tapatalk
  9. sisir

    Only test e

    Hi guys. Next month i will start my bulking cycle.and my roid only test e 500mg with oral here i include because its toxic i dnt want to put in presser my question is bulking cycle only test is ok to give good result? Or should i add deca 250mg.i want clean gain not water or...
  10. sisir


    Hi guys can i use lentils for fat loss program? Thnkx Sent from my SM-J700F using Tapatalk