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  1. Tyson605

    Sustanon 250 stacked with Tren Ace

    Hello Ladies and Gents, My question is, can you mix Tren Ace and Sustanon 250 in one syringe?
  2. Tyson605

    Need some feed back on a cycle I am doing.

    Good day Ladies and Gents, I am 38 206bs 5'7" 8-10% body fat Been Training for 10 yrs straight and I am on my 3 rd cycle. first two cycles where 250 test E once a week for 10 weeks. The cycle I am currently on is 250...
  3. Tyson605

    TRT and cycle?

    If a person is on TRT @200mg per week and does a cycle lets say with 250/200 test c/deca with all the supports for 12 weeks , one does not do a PCT but goes back on TRT dose, do you start your TRT the following week or wait the two weeks and then go back on ones TRT regiment?
  4. Tyson605

    Blood Type

    I have a question, Would anyone have any knowledge in having a -Rh blood type and use AAS does it have a different effect on the body than though who don't?
  5. Tyson605

    would like to ask for advice?

    I have idea what I would like to Cycle for my third Run. Any feedback will be great.
  6. Tyson605

    New to the Forum

    Good Day Ladies and Gents. I go by Huey or just Gil. I am 38 years old 5'7 198 lbs right now I am 12% bodyfat. 10 years ago I was 310lbs and worked my ass off without the Test 250, once I lost the body fat on me I dropped my weight to 178lbs until then is when I used the Gear. I have done two...