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    Considering new sarm cycle

    Hey guys! Im considering a new sarm cycle, but which of?em? I have a history with AAS, tren a/e, testo, winstrol and masteron. Latest cycle was with sarms which I?m not done with yet. I?m running S4 and LGD-4033 So now what to order? I?m 183cm, 90kg. I want lean mass. I want also more veins...
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    Best sarms option for girls?

    Hi! I have used a lot of AAS and now I use S4 and LGD for psychic related reasons. My girlfriend wants to try out a SARM for getting bigger thighs and ass. I have red that Ostarine/mk2866 is the most common for girls. Some help to get or maybe even girly members who will share experience...