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    Just showing love to Iwannagofaster and the Axio oral products coming from 9th wonder. I actually look forward to testing oils soon enough. I’ve used several sources in the past and they’ve all been great! IWGF was definitely great on communication, no bs and helped out to get a shipping issue...
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    Pharma Lady TD

    There's been some hate recently but people should know that the sponsored sources are reliable or else they wouldn't be here. A huge thank you to PL for always being reliable. It may get to you in a might be three... but it WILL get there!
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    Test E, Tren E, and EQ Cycle Proposal

    Current stats are as follows: 30 years old male 5'11" tall 205 lbs 10% body fat A quick history: Almost 10 years lifting experience, five prior cycles, and my previous cycle was test e for 16 weeks at 600 mg and Tren E 250 mg for the first 8 weeks but ended up running it as high as 400 mg...
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    Best domestic source with fast shipping?

    Alright, so I somehow managed to either waste my tren e somehow or my bottle that should have lasted for 10 weeks only lasted 8. I had ordered a second bottle to increase the dosage after experiencing no negative sides at a low dose, but despite Pharma lady being awesome with getting stuff out...
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    Need Advice for Current AAS Cycle in Preparation for First Powerlifting Meet Ever.

    Current stats are as follows: 30 years old male 5'11" tall 235.4 lbs 14.8% body fat A quick history and current briefing before my question: 9 years lifting experience, four prior cycles, and my current cycle is test e for 15 weeks at 600 mg and Tren E 250 mg for 12 weeks. Most cycles were...
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    Tbol Question

    Hello all! New member to this board and I have a question about OT. Theoretically, if one had a decent supply on hand, would it be worth to run tbol for the first 6 weeks of a 14 week Test E cycle, dosed at 60 mg, as the kickstart and then again for 4 weeks starting at week 13-16 right until the...