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    B12 dosing and Cypionate frozen

    Does anybody know of any guidelines to follow for B12 injections? Also I received my cypionate in the mail and one of the vials were frozen will that affect the potency when it thaws thank you guys
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    Reliable place to purchase Cypionate online

    My doctor prescribed me 200 mg/ml of Cypionate every 14 days for some reason when I injected into my thigh the syringe broke and the oil went everywhere and my doctor won't refill my order until the following month does anybody know reliable place where I can get a vial or two in case this...
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    i need your advice please sarms

    i am a 43 year old man can you please help me decide what sarms to get and how to use do i need thyroid pill or estrogen blockers ?. i have never smoked drank or done drugs but i am so tired all the time and i use to get rock hard now it gets as hard a uncooked hotdog . i have done natural...