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    Stopping cycle early GYNO Need advice

    Hey Dylan/Everyone, So currently 7wks into a test e only cycle at 500mg/wk mon/thurs injections. This is my 4th cycle and has been 3.5years since my last cycle. I have always been gyno prone but has been controlled by everyday AI on cycle. The last cycle I did 3.5years ago I ran test 500 and...
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    Mk677 experience & questions

    Hi guys, 3 weeks into my mk677 the first 2 weeks were the last 2 wks of my pct from my lgd4033 and s4 duo 12 wks before that. So far I have experienced the extreme hunger in the first 2 weeks and mild water retention which i increased some more carbs and water and added more potassium and...
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    Mk677, gw501516, sr9009

    Hi guys, 1 week into my pct after my 12 week LGD4033 & S4 cycle which I absolutely loved and have decided to start my MK677 with my pct as I will be aiming at running it for 12 months. Once pct is finished obviously MK677 will be continued and after 3 weeks I will add GW501516 & SR9009 for 12...
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    LGD-4033 & S4 Hunger

    Today marks day 12 of my lgd 10mg ED and s4 50mg ED duo and bloody hell am I getting hungry!! This duo for me is more of a recomp cycle so lean gain is what im after so the last few days has been challenging to not stuff my face with carbs to fill the hole! Other then the hunger spike the only...
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    SARMS for Plantar Fasciitis

    Just found out my chronic foot pain is from Plantar Fasciitis. Has anyone experienced this crap before and have any pointers? Also wondering if sarms would have any healing effect on this at all?
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    *SARMS* time between cycles

    Hi, its been quite a few years since I have used sarms so just wanted to clear a few things up. Currently about to start LGD 4033 + S4 duo for 12 weeks with 4 week mini pct of clomid and GW. All doses are what dylan has recommended through his videos. My main question is once I have finished the...
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    Hi Dylan, I've followed your information for the past 6 years now on aas and sarms with quite alot of help. Today I'm looking for a bit of advice on possibly using peptides for the first time. Just a bit of back info you you I am 29 years old and have done 4 aas cycles and 2 sarms triple...