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    Tren ace to tren eth

    Ive got a leftover vial of tren ace and wanna incorporate it in my current cycle. Sound good to start on the ace at 75mg eod AND start the tren eth at 150mg 2 times a week? Guess the ace would be like a kick start until the longer ester kicks in. Is my thought process sound?
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    advice on finishing current cycle

    Started 1st week of February, 250 test e and 300 deca (since been adjusted to equal or higher test). 50mg proviron ed, 12.5 aromasin eod, .5mg cabaser e3d. How long should I runthe deca before transitioning into tren ace? Should I continue the deca with the tren or drop it? Any advice would be...
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    donated blood, what happens to it?

    Do they test it for the compounds we run while on cycle? If so is it considered tainted and unusable? Just seems odd that if my test is at 5000 and I donate that it could end up in say a 90yr old grandma. Just curious if anyone knew.
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    Pharma Lady Great Service

    Placed an order late last week that landed today. I was blown away with the speed. Couldn't wait, hadto warm it up and dive right in. Thank you
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    help increase my appetite

    Getting ready to run a cycle of test, tren ace and proviron but last time the tren killed my appetite. Dideant to eat at all. What could I toss in the mix to help out?
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    hot rod diesel pick ups

    What ya got, mods and hp numbers
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    blood work labs

    Which place uses quest to draw? Had it bookmarked at one point but can't find it
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    posting pictures from your phone

    Can someone dumb it down for me? Says the file is too big.
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    Illinois crew

    There's a lot of us in here it seems. Im way down by St.louis on th Il side. Where are you guys at? Just somewhere close if ya dont wanna name your town
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    Pharma Lady

    Read good things about her so I gave it a shot. Ordered proviron and aromasin. Showed up quick and had some extras in there too. Looking forward to getting into it.
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    blast and cruise

    What levels are you cruising at and how old are you. Do you stay on or cycle off periodically?
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    another evo refugee

    Hey all, heard good things and see a lot of familiar names from evo. Looking forward to spending dome time here.