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    S-23... what is it?

    I was just on and saw a new product right on the home page, S-23. Very little info included, it just says "SARM S23 The only revolutionary SARM on the research market to represent both ostabolic and andarine." Can anyone elaborate on what this is? Crazy expensive too at $300 a...
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    Dosing RAD

    Hi Dylan, I've seen in some of your videos that you recommend using RAD for 12 weeks, and dosing it at 20mg/day the first 4 weeks and then upping it to 30. Why is that? What's the benefit of starting lower if the sweet spot is 30? Thanks man -- we all really appreciate your knowledge and...
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    Low dose Clomid with SARMs?

    Hey guys, Just throwing out a crazy idea that I've seen mentioned in a couple forums. Would it make any sense to run low dose Clomid (something like 12.5mg ED) in parallel with a cycle of the more suppressive SARMs like LGD or RAD? Would that help maintain decent levels of test while on...
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    How quickly do T levels come back in PCT?

    Hey guys, I'm currently in PCT from an LGD 8-week cycle which suppressed me significantly (post-cycle bloods showed TT in the 90's). I was also running Dermacrine during the cycle for a mild test base so I felt fine throughout the cycle -- energy, alertness, libido were all OK. However upon...