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    any sources have good liquid aromasin? i like it better for dosing than pill form thanks!
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    Triple X Stack Wooo

    So i finally got my triple x stack in the mail. i wanted to see what it was like to be used for a preworkout, to be on the safe side though used half a dropper and good lord the gym became a playground to me the pumps were amazing i was there for awhile if i didnt get a phone call having to...
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    Knee Pain

    im trying to squat today I'm warming up and after a couple of reps some throbbing in my right knee starts to occur. So being stubborn wanting to get a workout in I switch to smith machine and do some lighter weight but still some pain there. I did max out Saturday I would think I'd be a little...
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    Pre-Bloods for first cycle

    i wanted to see what you guys of my test results but dont know how to upload pictures
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    Balancing Workout/Social Life

    a reoccurring problem i've been having recently as corny as it sounds getting the balance between being social and training. I'm almost 26 years old but i don't drink (haven't been drunk in 6months, and before that a year), and i'm no fan of eating out. Why? because it makes me feel like shit...
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    LiqAro is 15mg/mL where on the dropper would you go for 12.5mg ?
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    Thinking of first cycle

    Now i'm not going to do anything right now maybe a few months down the road, this post is more for clarifying, info gathering. STATS: 25 years old 176lbs 5'7 Calipers test saids 12% but i always add to add an extra 2-3% so i would try and work a little off. 19 did a cycle of superdrol man was...
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    Adjusting your eating on sarms

    Right now I'm headed in to 5th month of MK and just started GW/SR on Monday because im ready to start leaning up. The question: Do you account for what extra cals you might burn on the two when thinking how low you want to go below maintence ? Also I know last time i ran them there was a...
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    PDE5s Questions

    so i see that other then bedroom uses it can use for preworkout which i found intriguing. so a i have few questions 1)can some share the experience with using PDE5s for preworkout uses and what benefits they saw? 2)out of the three on sarmsx whats the best to go with, or would you recommend...
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    Opinion most welcomed

    next monday will have been the fourth week since i've been off mini pct. currently still on mk677 mid way through third bottle. i've ordered my next three months worth of GW & SR, dropped the s4 though i like it for strength gains but i deal with low test already and though its slighly...
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    Dosage of Nolva for mini pct

    Try searching through the forums found only dosing for clomid? Thanks for the help
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    Update on SR, GW, S4, MK677 Stack

    alright so my stack is SR, GW, S4... i should be finishing up the second bottle of these this week. then most recently mk677 finishing up first bottle this week. My friends i am loving the results, i went back to my trainer yesterday to get remeasure body parts, and also to use the clippers to...
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    Why Sarms For Now Then AAS

    i just made a update post on week five of being on my stack but i thought came to mind and i just wanted to write this on a separate thread... Before choosing to do my sarm stack i thought about doing a real cycle, but said you know what let me do this Sarm stack, because when i was 20 i did a...
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    Week 5

    my stack S4, SR, GW.... what i've experienced so far is how to say a little unreal. The strength increase in the gym, that little extra hmph i need to get through grueling workouts is definitely there. I've actually gained some weight but from the mirror test i presumed it must of been some good...
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    Mid-Way on Sarms Bloodwork ... thoughts?

    Unfortunately i didn't get pre-work done but i'm pretty sure i've always been on the lower end of testosterone and one of those people who get affected by suppressive compounds more than others. I'm five weeks in using S4, and a week in using 677. also i'm 25.
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    Particle suspension ?

    Now have to searching through the forum to see if others had this problem, I knows you guys say run under warm water and shake vigiriuously after... my question is I'm in week four so nearing end of the first bottles but the SR/GW have a good amount of particles at the bottom did I lose out on...
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    First Dose

    Did my first dosing of mk677 today, I did it before I went to go do my fasted abs/cardio session. Boy was I fucking hungry and feel like it was taking everything out of me to get through it
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    Core Routine ?

    can any body could give me a template routine to workout/condition my core. it's not that i don't work my mid section but i'd be lying if i said the things i do i didn't find on youtube so it's a little bit of a mess and my core is something i'm really focusing on on my sarm stack
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    Criticism to give friend

    Had a friend text me to get in contact with my buddy to workout a diet for him because he wants to hop on a tren + test cycle.. thing is though he's nowhere near ready he's 25, he's not consistent in the gym, then thinking b/c he hasn't drank in 3 weeks that shows some sort of discipline, and as...
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    Week Two

    Today is the end of week two of my GW+SR+S4 stack.. what i've notice so far are a nice dry, lean, and fuller look (nothing to dramatic). The gym experience has been what's been the most noticeable the workout have been more fluid, i feel like i can go for awhile, cardio is becoming a breeze...