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    Teenager from the UK tried assasinate Trump

    You guys here about this yet? I thought this was fucking crazy. The dude attempted to disarm a police officer and then tried to get close to Trump by claiming he wanted an autograph. His actions were stuffed by the secret service. Here is the link...
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    Androgenic / Anabolic Ratios

    I've heard guys here say women can take more steroids and higher mg's than I have heard of on any other forums. So I thought I'd ask this question here. Do these ratios actually mean something? Im trying to plan which steroids I should continue to use for not only myself but for the wife as...
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    Sarms cycle for a female

    My girl is looking to drop a fair amount of weight after being pregnant. She started pretty high at around 260lbs at 5'9. After 5 months she is now sitting at about 180lbs. She is still dropping weight every week (about 2lbs a week at this point) but she feels as like its not coming off fast...
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    Toxicity of 17aa Injectables

    Does anyone have experience with using injectable 17aa steroids and there oral counterparts? Like anadrol for example, it can be very toxic but would you be saving your health by choosing to inject it instead? Or are the differences only marginal? Im actually considering using winny but I've...
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    Does primo cause hair loss?

    I'm just wondering if anyone here has had hairloss after primo. I've been good so far with high test, eq, and Deca even masteron. But I'm also pretty young for hairloss. What's your guys thoughts / experiences?
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    Does Tren have a cosmetic effect?

    For example, masteron kicks in fast and it has a pretty strong cosmetic effect. Muscles look better and more ripped. Muscle separation is better and certain body parts tend to "pop" more, like biceps and abs. Can I expect a similar effect just from injecting Tren? Or is it just the gains that...