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    mk677 bloat

    Why are you taking wet compounds like test and mk677 if you have a bunch of photo shoots coming up? That makes zero sense Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    new to sarms , help pls [:

    8-16 week cycles of SARMS is what is recommended
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    NPC Competition

    NPC shows are not tested. 99% of the people competing in them are juiced to the gills...
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    Female stack for leaning out for Comp

    This looks great. Just remember to run a good quality natural testosterone booster after your cycle as a mini PCT. Women do not have testicles so a SERM like clomid will have no effect in raising testosterone levels. Women will just want to run a good natural test boost after a SARMS cycle to...
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    12 week transformation

    What you decide to do with your own body is your decision but I personally would argue that doubling the dosages is not necessary...and could even be counterproductive.
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    12 week transformation

    He won his class. Heavy weights.
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    12 week transformation

    I don't want to delve into too much information because I tagged his personal instagram in the photo but he was no stranger to steroids before working with me. The dosages I had him using were nothing he hadn't ran before.
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    12 week transformation

    I started his cycle at 10 weeks out... 200mg/week test 200mg/week mast 200mg/week tren 10mg aromasin EOD 0.25mg cabergoline EOD 20mg cardarine ED At 4 weeks out I added in 25mg winstrol/day At 2 weeks out we dropped the test from his cycle. That's it. His conditioning was perfect so no...
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    12 week transformation

    Just posted this on my Instagram... 12 weeks in-between photos
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    Post PCT BLOODWORK please help

    Both your LH and FSH are in the normal range, but much lower then they would ideally be. What is your age? Your testosterone levels are not bad for someone in the 40s. For someone in their 20s, they would be considered on the low side. Overall - it looks pretty good. Recovery after a steroid...
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    Recomp Sarm Cycle Macros The food you eat is comprised of water, micronutrients and macronutrients. Micronutrients are the components of food that do not provide energy but are still essential for optimal health. Micronutrients include things like vitamins, minerals...
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    If they cut out the actual gland - it's impossible to get gyno again. If they just cut out the fat, then yes you can get gyno again
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    Osterine mk-2866 question

    This looks good. Although cardarine is non-hormonal, MK-2866 is and because of that - yes you need to run a PCT after your SARMS cycle.
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    Please help me from india

    This is really good advice. Not only will running a steroid cycle at a high body fat percentage put a lot of strain on your heart and's also counter productive. The higher your body fat percentage, the ore testosterone will aromatize into estrogen. Running a steroid cycle at a high...
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    Body Types: Ectomorph, Endomorph and Mesomorph: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    YES - we are all individual and all have different body types but I feel that people really use these body type subgroups as an excuse. All the time I hear people say things like 'I'm an endomorph, I'm always going to be fat. It's in my genetics' That's crap. Certain people have to diet harder...
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    Here is the link to the sources section ->
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    Newby to SARMS

    Asking someone what type of results they can expect from a cycle is sort of like asking someone how much money they will make once they graduate. Some people find a job that pays 100k starting wage, other people can't find a job at all. There are so many factors at play. You should not feel...
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    Best time to take BCAA’s

    The goal of BCAA supplements are to: 1. signal muscle protein synthesis 2. prevent muscle catabolism If you are doing things like fasted cardio - take the BCAA pre and post cardio. If you aren't training fasted and are eating a proper pre-workout meal 60-120 minutes before your workout, just...
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    Building a great physique just takes time man. Ask the biggest guy at your gym how long he's been working out. I promise he will say at least 10 years. Think of it like building a house. Each workout is like laying one brick. Stay consistent and you will get the body you are looking for
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    Body fat and steroid use

    The higher your body fat levels, the more testosterone will aromatize into estrogen. Running a steroid cycle at a high body fat percentage is not only bad for your health - it puts you at a huge risk of developing estrogen related side effects like gyno