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    Rad 140 Log 12 weeks

    What's up guys , I will try to log as much as possible my rad 140 cycle for 12 weeks! I'm currenlty in college right now so might be hard to keep track the log but I will do my best for you guys. Will be starting to take 15 mg and might go up to 30mg depends on how well everything goes! I would...
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    Rad 140 cycle 12 weeks

    Hi guys this will be the last thread I will make I promise lol About to run rad 140 for about 12 weeks after my pct! and I need abit of info about some stuff First , am I ganna need hcgenerate during my cycle to minimise the suppression? For my pct am I okay with clomid alone? Or should I be...
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    Post cycle Ostarine

    Hello guys🤗 I have a question! Just finised my Ostarine cycle 4 days ago and today in the gym I could still see my strenght going up.. Even the last 2 workouts I could see I had a lot energy and felt like I was still on the product. Would you guys say it's normal for the first week off?
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    Another question for my sarms cycle:)

    Thanks for answering my previous thread and now I need got other questions for you guys! Sorry don't wanna be annoying I think I wanna go for a cycle that would look like this Rad 140 alone for 12 weeks ? Rad 140 / LGD 4033 for 8 weeks? Lg4033 alone for 12 weeks ? I decided to go with one...
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    Need some help with next sarm cycle!!

    Hello everyone ! First time posting on this website. I just finished my first sarm cycle with Ostarine for 7 weeks at about 30 mg daily and started at 15 for the first week Gained 6 pound on the scale started at 160 lb. For my next cycle i'm looking to stack 2 sarms together and not to sure...