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    Superdrol Rumors

    Hello everyone, So I want to incorporate superdrol into my upcoming cycle. I understand it is a DHT and will not aromatize. HOWEVER, the only thing holding me back are the rumors spread across different forums that it in fact causes gyno within the following months after pct. 1.) Does...
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    Nolvadex in PCT

    Hello all, So I?ve always read where using nolvadex with 19-Nor compounds is a no no. My question is can nolvadex be used during pct after running a cycle of Tren and Test Enanthate and not cause any negative sides despite using a 19-Nor throughout the cycle? Again, thank you to all...
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    New member

    Hello everyone, I'm a new member to the board and happy to have joined. So I'm going to start off by giving all my stats and history. Age: 26 Weight: 238 lbs BF: 14.2 % *Type 1 diabetic (since age 6) Biography: I Am an amateur bodybuilder and have been competing for 4 years. Have lifted...