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    Best source for tren and test

    Looking for the best current potent source for tren ace and test cyp
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    Need source for Letrozole

    Can't seem to find letro on anyones list yet, anyone know of reliable source?
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    New videos on bias

    Dylan and Ric Drasin (ric`s corner) both have great new videos on jumping to conclusions on the death of Rich Piana or anybody else !
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    Liquid anadrol

    Is there much positive feedback from the use of injectable anadrol out there?
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    TRT and aromasin

    Am 49 and going to start TRT, what would be max test dosage before aromasin would have to be taken also?
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    anadrol 50 +?

    Hey Dylan, Like your video on anadrol but wonder what test to run alongside and dosage?