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    Sarms stack

    Hey everybody! I'm thinking about running my first stack with LGD and S4 for size and strength. Just want to know how/when to dose it. If anybody has other suggestions of what stacks to run, feel free to let me know. LGD +RAD Or LGD+S4?
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    If im taking lgd alone, do I need to run a mini pct? If so, what product/dosage is recomended?
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    Sarms advice for my wife

    My wife wants to simply lose weight; anywhere from 15-20+ lbs. She doesn't want to gain or bulk up, much less have a bodybuilding body. What do you recommend she take in order to lose weight and obtain feminine definition? She's on a daily cardio regimen. Thank you very much for all your help!
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    Beginning Sarms

    I was very determined to start steroid cycle and after watching dylans videos on youtube I immediately felt that sarms where the right choice to be. I know its a way safer approach and I feel it will be effective. After reading and seeing a bunch of stuff throughout the web I think I might have...