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    Best PCT for me??

    Sarmsx stack>>LDG 4033/RAD 140/MK 677/GW50. Started cycle @ 1/2 dose for first WK or so, added RAD (2) wks in @ full dose, then reduced to 1/2 for (2) wks, then back to full (trying to reduce legrathy). Took GW50 only on workout days. Horrible legrathy the entire cycle (approx 8-9 wks) no...
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    Mid cycle blood results?

    Got the panel from lab corp, results say, abnormal. got stuff high and low. How can I have results deciphered? No doctors around me worth a shit. Any comments appreciated. Creatinine-high-1.61/eGFR nonafrican am-low-48/eGFR African am-low-56/calcium serum-high-10.5/alkaline phosphate...