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    Dragon Pharma/Alpha Pharma

    Hey Guys, Hope all is well! Just wanted to know if anyone has heard of this corp and if they are legit? If so what are your thoughts on them?
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    Anavar Question??

    Hey Guys hope all is well!! Actually asking this question for a close friend of mine who is a female and to be quite honest not very familiar with the protocols when coming to running a females cycle.... At any rate, my friend is 51 in incredible shape, dont know her exact stats , but she is...
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    ?Might Be A Sensativetop(question)?

    A Good friend of mine swears by this manufacturer of Injectables, wanted to know if before I just go ahed and mention the, that i could? I would also be able to provide a pic of necessary? Never want to disrespect the forum in anyway so i figure i preface this question prior to askant.... As...
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    ? about running enathate & Deca?

    Hey guys, hope all is well! Just a quick question: Running 300mgs of enathate & Deca, spliting the does at 1/2CC each 2x a week. Should I pin Monday & Friday? Or Monday & Thursday? (Just want to know what optimal days of the week ,if it matters with these esthers, what are the best days of the...
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    Asking your Physician about your Testosterone Levels and Blood Panels....

    When visiting you General Physician what are the proper protocols or rather the proper testing to ask for when it comes to your testosterone level. Luckily I have been blessed with an incredible Dr. and when I go once a year i always ask him to check my testosterone levels, however, is there...
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    ???opinions please???

    Ive been Watching this guy quite a bit today...some things i agree with some i totally do not! I just had to post this one vid he did because i really want to get your opinion on what he is saying here? And please dont hold back!lol (Had to state that for the obvious reason that i know my #1...
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    Injectable anadrol 50?

    Hey Guys, Hope all is well as Always! Like Usual was browsing the web and youtube and came across a gentleman named Seth Rogers who hosts a YouTube Channel. At Any rate kinda disagreed with a lot of his dosage recomendations(sp?) but did mention to try and stay away from orals due to toxicity...
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    Hey Guys, what website would you recommend for peptides? As always thank you for your advice!
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    Pre,Post,During, BCAA's & Protein Intake?

    Personally Like Drinking my BCAA's During my Workouts and Protein Shake within 30 minute post Workout.... Now I have read many different school of thoughts on this, whether it is taking your Protein Post or During. Your BCAA's Post Workout.... Just wanted as Always reach out to my go to guys...
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    Spot Injections w/ Diabetic Needles???

    Like i have always said, love doing research and always educating myself. But at the end of the day this forum is where I ultimately come for true facts! Because i respect the moderates and especially Dylan (not taking anything away from you MODS especially my boy RickRock) Now Spot Injections...
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    Running 300mg per week.... Just wanted to get your guys opinion; is it more optimal to take 300mg (for example) every Monday or Split 150mg Monday/150mgFriday? Thank you guys as always in advance!
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    Test Enathate & Deca?

    This is a redundant question; however i do want to ask just to refresh and always get different point of views.... I know the answers are most likely as to the esthers(sp?) that these two have. However what do you guys feel is the best timing(most optimal) when administering these two? I...
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    Hi Everyone and Dylan! Been sometime since Ive posted however always reading and watching your YouTube Channel Dylan; Cant tell you enough how amazing your content is and how much Ive reducated myself thrugh your teachings! Going to try and keep this brief: Started another cycle 2 weeks ago...
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    Mass Labs

    Hey Guys, Hope all is well! Just wanted to know if anyone has heard of this company? Has ran them in a cycle? thoughts, opinions, concerns? Again as always thank you in advance! This site has been absolutely amazing and have learned so ver much through Dylan and his YouTube Channel.... Cant...
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    HI Dylan, SARMS Question?

    Hey Dylan, Hope all is well! Just purchased the SARMS Ultra Super Stack and can't wait to receive it! Just have a question for you and sorry to bother you wit this.... I would like to email a few friends both Male and Female links to your YouTube Channel about SARMS, what each one does how to...
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    HGH Question?

    Hi Everyone and Dylan, Was just curious to know if anyone has ever ran Biotropin-Lifetech Labs? How do you rate this product? Feelings, questions or concerns? Again as always, Thank you guys in Advance! You have all been so great! In Health, ponerjorts
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    Cycle question???

    Hi Dylan, Again always want to thank you for the great job that you do on your YouTube Channel! I have a friend (yes it is a friend, I promise for I would say this is something I am looking to do!) So in any case my friend was asking me what kind of PCT Cycle he should use on this Cycle: He...
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    Injection Time & Management

    Hey Guys, I have always heard soooo many different thoughts on timing of injection injection(s). Whether it be the type of compound, time of day your training; Inject the same time all the time what have you.... I just wanted to get your thought on how you guys eel about this matter. Does it...
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    sarms and crossfit

    Dylan, Firstly I want to thank you so much for the knowledge you teach on your channel! I have been watching you for sometime now and appreciate all that you do! Just want to give you a little Background and information about me: have been in the Health & Fitness Industry now for over 17...