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    Banned Nutrition Combo

    Hello. I’d like to know what are the benefits & what type of results can you get from running Cardazol & Ostazol MK M1? Has anyone ran both without any additional sarms? I’d like to know what to expect if you combine both and only both? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated? Thank You.
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    Preparing for sarms stack

    Sup Guys, Getting ready for my cutting sarms stack that I plan on starting in March. I am coming off Post CT from Dylan. I have done my blood work prior to taking Post CT that I will provide results down below. I am finishing Post CT this thursday after taking it for 4 weeks. Once I'm done with...
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    Blood Work After Cycle

    Hey Dylan, Checking in to make sure i'm taking my blood work correctly after my cycle. Here is the cycle i ran that i recently finished. I ran the 12 week Enhanced Stack from SarmsX. After those 12 weeks, i took the Mini PCT for 4 weeks. Tomorrow is my last dose of the PCT and that will...
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    Alternative to Legal Winstrol

    Hey Dylan or any members, Is there an alternative to winstrol? I've researched something called winidrol? I'm looking to see if there is an alternative to winstrol for fast fat loss? I know sarms are great but is there anything that's alternative to winstrol? Or anything that's best for fat...
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    12 Week Healing Stack

    Hello Guys, I'm recovering from a wrist injury 3 weeks ago. I broke my wrist & had surgery on it. I purchased the 12 week healing/recovery stack & started it this past Tuesday. I have spoke to Dylan about the stack. He gave me the break down for the stack. I just want to know if I'm taking the...